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The Humanforce suite

Your highly configurable, best-in-one, and composable human capital management suite

Workforce Management

Enterprise grade workforce solutions, tailored to industry-specific requirements, that keep workers in the flow and motivated to do their best work
  • Scheduling based on demand, events and people

  • Real-time rostered award interpretation and compliance warnings

  • Shift bidding and shift offering flexibility

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  • Multi-hardware, multi-software clocking

  • Real-time attendance visibility and notifications

  • Exception-based timesheet authorisation

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  • Real-time modern award interpretation

  • Multi-role, multi-rate rostering

  • Data-driven payments

  • Standardised multi-industry award library

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  • Configurable dashboards and data visualisations

  • Industry-specific analytics

  • Export data into multiple file formats

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  • Employee self-service

  • Full suite of management tools

  • Internal talent pool engagement

  • Real-time visibility of employees

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Deliver an impeccable employee experience

In a competitive job market, employee experience has become a key differentiator for companies looking to attract, engage and retain top talent.

The Humanforce suite makes it easy for your organisation to create an exceptional employee experience, by providing tools that enable continuous employee engagement, wellbeing, performance alignment and growth.

  • Engage and empower your team

  • Boost morale and productivity

  • Align teams to your organisation's strategic goals and vision

Unleash intelligence and sharper data-driven decision making

View your entire workforce like never before, with powerful world-class people and workforce analytics. Gain data-driven insights across, to make strategic decisions, optimise resources, mitigate risks and drive strategic growth.

  • Critical real-time workforce data for strategic workforce planning and labour forecasting

  • Stay on top of employee sentiment with powerful survey tools

  • Pinpoint key drivers impacting retention and attrition rates through reporting analytics

Simplify compliance complexity

Humanforce delivers critical technology to help businesses manage ever-changing compliance regulations easily, while ensuring employees get paid accurately and on time, improving their productivity and morale. Gain compliance confidence and mitigate risk in key areas impacting your workforce.

  • Direct and automatic integration with Fair Work Commission changes via API

  • Rostering, payroll and award / enterprise bargaining agreement compliance

  • Secure and accurate employee records management, from qualifications, training and wellbeing

Loved by over half a million users globally

We can now allocate specific costs to each cost centre and we can forecast what they will actually produce in terms of revenue, so we can allocate staff accordingly.
Benjamin PozhuvelilSenior Financial Controller
Rostering is so much easier now, quite a few of our rosters don’t change that much over time, so it’s great to be able to duplicate them. And if we do need to make changes, everything is so much more transparent.
Lynette KaiserAccounts Manager
As we can now track actual labour hours we can easily see how we are tracking against budget. We can see how much labour has been spent on each project, at any point in time.
Bina WallasvaaraGroup Manager Business & Finance
Humanforce is great for us in staffing, consistency is great, we can see where everyone has worked in the past, just a click of a button and then it’s on the screen. The time that we used to spend manually adding and changing times and people and hours of work, we can also do that as a bulk edit now, which is great for us.
Alison GrayDirector Of Human Resources

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