Empower your team with instant access to their earned wages.
Empower your team to decide when they access their earned wages
Discover flexibiliy that also increases shift up-take and workplace productivity
Reduce reliance on credit and debt
Rated 4.5+

Financial surprises happen. Give your team the ability to breathe easier and the flexibility to choose how and when they get paid. Help smooth out expense based fluctuations between pay periods with access to wages already earned.

Offered by employers of choice and loved by their employees

Financial breathing room

Empower your team to budget more effectively and cover emergency costs without stress by enabling them to access up to 50% of their earned wages.

  • Set access percentage control limits

  • Cover end of year peak season expenses

  • Access in an instant

The ultimate financial win-win scenario

Deliver financial flexibility and empowerment for all workers, while also boosting labour productivity through increased shift fills.

  • Boost employee engagement

  • Timely assistance to all

  • Aligns your company behind purpose driven initiative

Proven financial benefits

Thrive earned waged access has delivered long term benefits to countless employees - from financial stress reduction, to improved financial empowerment and avoidance of costly credit in emergencies.

  • Consistent long term benefits

  • Financial Inclusion Action Plan member

  • Improved quality of life

Lock in other workforce management essentials

Unique things emerge from deploying the whole Humanforce suite
If you're looking for ways to improve your employee experience and drive engagement, I recommend Humanforce Thrive
Jenny McKieChief People Officer
We believe if our vision is to look after and care for our staff and families it will naturally lead to better talent attraction and retention. Thrive Wellbeing is certainly part of how we hope to do that
Adam PriestHead of People and Culture
When people begin to understand what flexible pay can mean for them and how they manage their money, it really changes their perception of what a role at TSA Group can offer them.
Zahra PeggsGroup Executive, People and Corporate Affairs at TSA Group

Frequently asked questions

You can withdraw you earnings whenever they’re needed and should hit your bank account instantly. Withdrawals are then automatically deducted from pay like other deductions, such as student loans. And depending on the arrangement with your employer, a small flat fee of $2.49 may be charged when a withdrawal takes place. So, there’s no ongoing interest snowballing over time.

Thrive helps attract talent to your business and retain the ones you do have. By offering financial wellness to employees, you stand out from other employers and become an employer of choice. It also helps to encourage shift uptake as they have more awareness of their finances and are more likely to work overtime or take a last-minute shift offering. Finally, healthy and happy employees – whether that’s physically, mentally or financially, are more likely to be productive employees as well, which ultimately impacts your bottom-line.

Speak to your Humanforce account manager for more information and how it’ll integrate with your existing software. You can also receive a quick demo of the app. So, you can see all the different tools and features your employees can access to improve the way they manage money. And from there, implementation is quick as it’ll only take a few weeks to set Thrive up.

A FIAP is an agreed strategy of practical actions that organisations carry out to improve financial inclusion with Australia. We’re one of sixty members who are committed to addressing issues of financial wellbeing. This means everything Thrive does is designed to improve the financial wellbeing of people in work.

Work easier. Live better.

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