Set your new hires up for success before they even begin work with an intuitive onboarding process that does the work for you.
New hires can register all required information through their mobile well before their first day
Capture vital certification, tax and visa documentation up front
Say goodbye to manual processes and inefficient onboarding information capturing.
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Help your team meet their full potential with onboarding tools to get them up to speed, connected and motivated to succeed from day one and beyond.

Trusted by thousands of frontline workforces globally

Stress-free starting

Have the confidence all essential employee information is captured before your new hire starts their first day of work. Custom workflows allow you to set what information they must provide. And for them, it's easy to understand and supply this with clear direction, prompts, and signing on the go.

  • Lock-in forms and submission workflows

  • Replaces tedious and error-prone manual processes

  • Eliminate costly onboarding errors

Accelerate the onboarding process

Humanforce gives you greater visibility into your onboarding process. Quickly identify where individual new hires are in their journey. Gain insight into how your onboarding process is performing overall, as well as identifying any potential issues to proactively make improvements.

  • Identify common bottlenecks

  • Pinpoint next actions

  • Abbreviate employee preparedness

Speed up staff performance

Set up your team for success. Deliver guidance, communications and clear expectations to new team members, so they are prepared and motivated to perform from their very first day.

  • Share documentation automatically

  • Templates that lock in consistency

  • Consistent and automated

Get work ready with these powerful tools

Unique things emerge from deploying the whole Humanforce suite
As we can now track actual labour hours we can easily see how we are tracking against budget. We can see how much labour has been spent on each project, at any point in time.
Bina WallasvaaraGroup Manager Business & Finance
Thanks to those little alerts Humanforce gives you, you can spot the anomalies so quickly. Payroll processing never takes me more than an hour now, so we’re actually saving time and money on processing, even though we’ve more staff.
Allisha BarrattGeneral Manager
Now we do it all ourselves, so we have complete visibility over our rosters, availability and leave. Wage control used to be nigh on impossible. Now, each store has the information it needs to stay in control of costs, and that of course aids group profit.
Yusi NewnhamCPA Finance Manager

Frequently asked questions

Your organisation’s individual results will depend on a number of different factors. Generally speaking, however, the more manual your process is now, the more time you’ll save with Mobile App Onboarding. Depending on how complex your organisation’s onboarding process is, we find that most Humanforce users only really need about 15-20 minutes to onboard a new hire, once the App is set up.

Truly paperless onboarding is quick, easy, intuitive (and better for the environment). New hires won’t have to print off paper, sign documents and return them to you in the mail. Your HR team won’t have to double-check the forms have been correctly filled out or manually type up the information.Confidential information can’t go missing in the post and poor handwriting won’t cause incorrect data entry.

Our onboarding software is built to enhance the onboarding experience for both employees and employers. The user-friendliness of our mobile app for onboarding facilitates superior employee engagement. In turn, this enhances business workflows and creates a favourable impression of professionalism, while also ensuring your compliance obligations are met.

Once new hires have signed their contracts, all tax and super documentation can be signed and submitted through the Mobile App (Australian users only). Managers can also use the Humanforce Mobile App to have new employees sign that they’ve read other key documents, as needed.

By easily taking care of routine tasks, mobile app onbaording frees up time and energy, allowing managers and HR professionals to focus on what they do best

Humanforce works with many event-based businesses, as well as with many organisations in industries that have a high degree of seasonality. In these instances, companies often need to mobilise large teams quickly. Mobile App Onboarding makes it quick and easy to meet demand, creating a better experience for your customers.

Mobile app onboarding gives you the ability to mobilise large teams quickly as needed, creating a better experience for your customers.

Work easier. Live better.

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