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From automated onboarding to engagement and performance management, configure workflows that tailors to your organisational needs, and increases operational efficiency.

  • Accelerate productivity with efficiency

  • Mitigate risk with compliance monitoring

  • Flexibly integrates into your existing ecosystem

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Empowers employees and people managers to foster collaborating, engagement and development with continuous real-time feedback.

  • Align objectives, set goals and track progress

  • Create a safe space with truly anonymous feedback

  • Encourage growth, develop and retain high potential talent

Real-time insights for decision making

Our advanced analytics capabilities allow you to uncover meaningful patterns and trends, enabling proactive decision-making and strategic workforce planning.

  • Propel your people strategy with data

  • Gain deeper insights with sentiment analysis

  • Optimise workforce and resource planning

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It's been a tool that has helped us with the journey of creating a great place to work.
Sarah GatehousePeople & Culture Manager at Fujitsu General
The self-service capability of our Humanforce products allows us to empower our managers to look after their people, while also providing them transparency around key business functions like compliance and pay rates.
Kate LudwigHead of People and Culture
Integration capability was the number one priority when assessing HR systems for Revo Fitness so that we could employ the strengths of different products and still get them to work seamlessly together
Kelly AllisonChief People Officer

Frequently asked questions

One of the biggest challenges Aged Care organisations face is handling scheduling exceptions due to sick leave and annual planning. With an automated workforce management system like Humanforce, rules-based rostering, grey out and black out dates, and employees’ ability to handle shift swapts on their own, labour needs can be better managed, resulting in cost reductions.

Speak to your Humanforce account manager for more information and how it’ll integrate with your existing software. You can also receive a quick demo of the app. So, you can see all the different tools and features your employees can access to improve the way they manage money. And from there, implementation is quick as it’ll only take a few weeks to set Thrive up.

Staying on top of trends ensures the predictive capabilities of your analytics tool are aligned with industry and government expectations.

The other side of the picture is your own organisational aspirations. For example, are you pushing for growth or moving into new markets? Are you keen to build employees’ skills to deliver stronger customer satisfaction? Your HR data can help you achieve goals such as these.

Humanforce’s online payroll software assists your HR teams to make informed and strategic staffing decisions based on accurate payroll data.

Humanforce Payroll connects seamlessly with Humanforce, ensuring a single source of truth of correct data without the risk of human error. From timesheet to payslip, Humanforce automates the award interpretation and processing of data , reducing your administrative burden and the risk of errors.

With Humanforce, your Aged Care team is more compliant and engaged. By leveraging automation, they’ll be better positioned to deliver exceptional care to your residents.

Many employees struggle to comply with complex or convoluted manual time-keeping processes. As a result, most teams appreciate how much easier an automated workforce time management software makes managing their shifts and schedules. In any case, Humanforce works alongside new clients and their teams to ensure we’re not disrupting existing processes, ensuring a smooth transition for both staff and management.

By some estimates, workforce management solutions can improve productivity by 20 per cent or more. Beyond the time-savings achieved through better productivity, Humanforce clients also reclaim time formerly spent manually reworking rosters, tracking compliance requirements, and managing payroll needs – all of which improve organisations’ bottom line, while also elevating patient service delivery.

Humanforce’s engagement tools are built around the core concepts of better communication and autonomy. People like to connect and feel as if they’re in control, which is why we’ve designed our engagement tools to drive efficiency by speeding up monotonous processes, while also making people feel that their time and input are valued.

Humanforce Payroll is natively integrated with Humanforce and provides a seamless experience. Depending on your organisational structure, industry and/or other integration requirements, our payroll software may be the best payroll software for you. To find out more, get in touch or book a demo.

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