building a resilient workforce building a resilient workforce

Building a Resilient Workforce in the UK’s New Normal

After over a year of lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing, one thing is clear - COVID-19 has changed society for good. As we all reassess old processes and ideologies, new ways of living, working, and thinking, are being ushered in.

09/01/2021 Read

Improving Aged Care Worker Retention in Challenging Times

Few industries have been as hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as aged care. Moving forward, facilities will have to recover from not just tragic losses of life but also the reduced available workforce and changing staff expectations.

03/02/2021 Read

Improving Child Care Worker Retention in Challenging Times

In our ebook Improving Child Care Worker Retention in Challenging Times, we explore how child care centres can increase retention rates and, as a result, thrive.

03/02/2021 Read

Building a Winning Business Case for your Workforce Management

With world events disrupting our way of work, managing multiple duties such as creating and managing schedules and rosters, reporting, managing budgets and of course the dreaded compliance requirements can be super challenging without the support of a robust digital workforce management solution is an uphill battle.

02/04/2021 Read

Improving Worker Retention in Challenging Times

There is no doubt that the emergence of COVID-19 has brought a rapid adoption of technology in all segments of the population.

08/24/2020 Read
Woman In a Pharma Store Woman In a Pharma Store

The UK: Three Pillars of a Stronger Workforce

08/12/2020 Read
Women Enjoying Tea Women Enjoying Tea

How a People-First Approach Drives Innovation in UK Care Homes

For the UK care home sector the opportunity to ‘build back better’ after the Coronavirus pandemic rests on the development of its workforce.

07/30/2020 Read
People Enjoying In The Concert People Enjoying In The Concert

How Employee Engagement is Shaping Modern HR Management

Everyone from HR executives to frontline managers understands the value of having highly engaged workers. Gallup’s recent State of Global Workforce report, citing 17 percent higher productivity and 21 percent higher profitability attest to the value of high employee engagement levels. Yet, very few organisations are doing it well.

03/10/2020 Read


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