Performance Management

Build growth focused high-performing teams.
Achieve better business results with clear OKRs and aligned objectives
Identify training needs and foster a growth-oriented mindset
Grow and retain talent for succession planning
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Empower your people managers with performance tools and insights to help their teams grow and perform at their best, so your organisation can thrive.

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Effortless goals & OKRs tracking

We make it easier for managers to track their team's accomplishments and improvement areas by capturing all their performance data in a single performance report while avoiding recency bias.

  • Easily update goals' progress

  • 360 peer evaluation and continuous feedback

  • Effectively cascade and align goals to organisation objectives

Business level performance & sentiment analysis

Enable leaders to easily assess performance trends across key metric areas and business functions, address performance issues in a timely manner and reduce flight risks and disengagement.

  • Real-time performance data

  • Skills and training needs analysis

  • Performance improvement plans

Build & retain high performing talent

Remove the tension from annual performance processes and allow managers to focus on talent development and continuous performance improvement to position your organisation for long term success.

  • Ability to tailor review cycles to team level

  • Potential vs performance mapping matrix

  • Facilitate regular development feedback

Lock in other workforce management essentials

It's been a tool that has helped us with the journey of creating a great place to work.
Sarah GatehousePeople & Culture Manager at Fujitsu General
The self-service capability of our Humanforce products allows us to empower our managers to look after their people, while also providing them transparency around key business functions like compliance and pay rates.
Kate LudwigHead of People and Culture
Integration capability was the number one priority when assessing HR systems for Revo Fitness so that we could employ the strengths of different products and still get them to work seamlessly together
Kelly AllisonChief People Officer

Frequently asked questions

Start by setting your goal by entering in how much you’ll need and select how much to set aside from each hour worked. You can then see how much your earnings have grown towards the goal amount, estimated goal date and how much will be transferred after you’ve been paid – all through the Thrive App. You’ll also have control to cancel or change your goal anytime, and can access money instantly when you need to.

Speak to your Humanforce account manager for more information and how it’ll integrate with your existing software. You can also receive a quick demo of the app. So, you can see all the different tools and features your employees can access to improve the way they manage money. And from there, implementation is quick as it’ll only take a few weeks to set Thrive up.

Staying on top of trends ensures the predictive capabilities of your analytics tool are aligned with industry and government expectations.

The other side of the picture is your own organisational aspirations. For example, are you pushing for growth or moving into new markets? Are you keen to build employees’ skills to deliver stronger customer satisfaction? Your HR data can help you achieve goals such as these.

With Humanforce, your logistics team is compliant and engaged, positioning them to leverage automation and deliver better, more efficient results.

With Humanforce, your Child Care team is more compliant and engaged. By leveraging automation successfully, they’ll be better positioned to deliver a high-quality education to the children and students at your facility.

With Humanforce, your Aged Care team is more compliant and engaged. By leveraging automation, they’ll be better positioned to deliver exceptional care to your residents.

Organisations that leverage Workforce Analytics will not only positively impact employee satisfaction, but can also boost greater productivity – both of which can enhance the sustainability and profitability of your business – as well as boost customer satisfaction.

By some estimates, workforce management solutions can improve productivity by 20 per cent or more. Beyond the time-savings achieved through better productivity, Humanforce clients also reclaim time formerly spent manually reworking rosters, tracking compliance requirements, and managing payroll needs – all of which improve organisations’ bottom line, while also elevating patient service delivery.

Employee engagement and morale levels can be difficult to track, as they often show up in different ways for different businesses. Tracking trends around lateness, sick days, reported dissatisfaction in particular roles, and overall unhappiness at work using Humanforce’s Data Insights feature can help your team to identify issues and make proactive improvements – before they start to affect overall performance.

Work easier. Live better.

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