Employee Engagement

Achieve organisational success by fostering strong employee engagement.
Foster collaboration, break down silos and improve team efficiencies
Retain high-performing employees with meaningful feedback
Create a positive work environment that embraces diversity and feedback
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Our tool is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, and allows you to customise survey forms, collect feedback, measure and improve employee engagement at all levels.

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More than just an employee survey tool

Strengthen relationships with meaningful conversations between managers and employees with user-friendly, mobile-accessible engagement tools that complement your hybrid workforce.

  • Real-time 1:1 and development check-ins

  • Anytime recognitions and 360-feedback

  • Track happiness and wellbeing over employees' lifecycle

Understand what matters most

Measuring eNPS scores periodically is an effective way to assess the overall employee experience. By incorporating continuous feedback, you can get real-time engagement data so you can promptly address any issues and take effective actions.

  • Identify engagement trends and outliers with advanced analytics

  • Keyword clouds and sentiments insight

  • Option for truly anonymous feedback

Ensuring workforce alignment

A highly engaged workforce communicates better, is more driven to collaborate to reach a common objective, and is committed to the company's success.

  • Organisation objectives alignment

  • Recognise L&D and capture training needs

  • Customisable pulses based on locations/business functions

Lock in other workforce management essentials

It's been a tool that has helped us with the journey of creating a great place to work.
Sarah GatehousePeople & Culture Manager at Fujitsu General
The self-service capability of our Humanforce products allows us to empower our managers to look after their people, while also providing them transparency around key business functions like compliance and pay rates.
Kate LudwigHead of People and Culture
Integration capability was the number one priority when assessing HR systems for Revo Fitness so that we could employ the strengths of different products and still get them to work seamlessly together
Kelly AllisonChief People Officer

Frequently asked questions

Employee turnover is costly and time-consuming. When you invest in employee engagement, your organisation benefits from stronger employee retention rates – not to mention happier workers who are more productive and deliver better customer experiences on behalf of your company.

Let’s look at an example of how the Time & Attendance feature in Humanforce’s workforce management suite saves you time. Say you have a team of 25, each working 3 shifts a week. In this case, your manager has 75 timesheets to approve each week. Imagine that each timesheets takes 2 minutes to check, on average, and that the manager spends 20 minutes following up on missing timesheets, errors, sick days, or other discrepancies.

Using Humanforce’s automation, clocking, and authorisation by exception features eliminates the need to manually review correct timesheets. All that’s left is the 20 minutes needed to resolve unexpected issues – a savings of 2 ½ hours of admin time each week.

Employee engagement is the degree to which an employee is invested in, motivated by and passionate about the work they do.

Multiple factors can affect engagement levels. However, it’s safe to say that employees are more likely to feel engaged when they have a good working relationship with their manager and their team, when they feel challenged and fulfilled, and perhaps most importantly of all, when they feel appreciated.

Because workforce management solutions leverage automation, it’s not possible for employees to make mistakes or fraudulently report inaccurate work times. This also makes managing exceptions, such as an employee going home sick, easier, while also increasing scheduling confidence. You know your information is always correct – and your people know where they’re supposed to be – ensuring your planning, budgeting, and reporting are always on-track.

Many employees struggle to comply with complex or convoluted manual time-keeping processes. As a result, most teams appreciate how much easier an automated workforce time management software makes managing their shifts and schedules. In any case, Humanforce works alongside new clients and their teams to ensure we’re not disrupting existing processes, ensuring a smooth transition for both staff and management.

In a number of ways! Firstly, making onboarding smooth – a smooth onboarding can help convince new starters that this really is the dream job they thought it was. Using a system like Humanforce to automate onboarding can help you cut down on onboarding bureaucracy and ensure employees are never asked to provide the same paperwork twice.

Payroll may sound mundane, but it’s at the heart of an employee’s relationship with their company. Paying them correctly and on time shows them that they are appreciated.

When staff can’t access or change their schedule, shift locations and holiday details, their job starts to add stress to their lives. They are no longer able to plan and instead arrive at work stressed and unhappy or even call in sick. There are many ways to improve scheduling, although the ideal strategy might vary based on your individual businesses’ operations.

Although it may not seem as if workforce management applications would have any bearing on your business’s customer experience, many organisations find that proper HR management enables their team members to provide the highest possible level of service. Happier employees create better experiences on behalf of your brand.

Gallup has found that engaged workers are more attentive and productive, more likely to respect processes, standards and systems, are more fastidious about quality and safety, better at fostering cordial relations with customers and more dedicated to helping grow the business that employs them. Gallup found that “the behaviours of highly engaged business units result in 21 per cent greater profitability”.

Work easier. Live better.

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