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Track and capture accurate live workforce data.
Capture detailed shift-based information for greater compliance confidence
Ensure only approved team members clock in, and deploy a fit for purpose solution
Discover a range of time and attendance options available to best suit your needs
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Discover cutting edge time and attendance solutions that accurately captures team operations, provides real operational time insights and enables managers to review and approve timesheets instantaneously.

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Accurately capture work performed

Record work performed by authorised personnel with precision. Benefit from flexible, innovative and secure solutions designed to accurately log attendance and work performed.

  • Biometric Authentication

  • Kiosk check-in

  • Geo-fenced Mobile check-in

Clocking options to suit security & flexibility needs

From simple kiosks and mobile clocking options to vein scanning and facial recognition, choose the best for your team's location and security requirements.

  • Automatic time capture keeps your records safe and secure

  • Leading anti-fraud technology

  • Ability to assist with meeting industry regulations and annualised salary requirements

Authorise timesheets in an instant

Workforce managers can approve time and attendance in bulk with newfound ease - saving time, hassle and avoiding payrun delays.

  • Sorted for convenience

  • Quick and easy information on duration and date

  • On the go approvals

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Unique things emerge from deploying the whole Humanforce suite
We can now allocate specific costs to each cost centre and we can forecast what they will actually produce in terms of revenue, so we can allocate staff accordingly.
Benjamin PozhuvelilSenior Financial Controller
Thanks to those little alerts Humanforce gives you, you can spot the anomalies so quickly. Payroll processing never takes me more than an hour now, so we’re actually saving time and money on processing, even though we’ve more staff.
Allisha BarrattGeneral Manager
Pre-Humanforce, the process was extremely time consuming with significant duplication data entering timesheets to the payroll system. Where it took us probably close to a day for all data entry, it’s now instantaneous after approval, as this is directly integrated with the payroll platform.
Luke LoucasFinance Director

Frequently asked questions

Because workforce management solutions leverage automation, it’s not possible for employees to make mistakes or fraudulently report inaccurate work times. This also makes managing exceptions, such as an employee going home sick, easier, while also increasing scheduling confidence. You know your information is always correct – and your people know where they’re supposed to be – ensuring your planning, budgeting, and reporting are always on-track.

One of the biggest challenges Aged Care organisations face is handling scheduling exceptions due to sick leave and annual planning. With an automated workforce management system like Humanforce, rules-based rostering, grey out and black out dates, and employees’ ability to handle shift swapts on their own, labour needs can be better managed, resulting in cost reductions.

Using the Humanforce Mobile App, you can accept shifts and manage unexpected absences from the palm of your hand.

Staying on top of trends ensures the predictive capabilities of your analytics tool are aligned with industry and government expectations.

The other side of the picture is your own organisational aspirations. For example, are you pushing for growth or moving into new markets? Are you keen to build employees’ skills to deliver stronger customer satisfaction? Your HR data can help you achieve goals such as these.

Demand planning pulls in information from third party software, which allows you to plan your labour resources more accurately. For example, if you have 90% occupancy next week, Humanforce can warn you if you’re preparing a roster that will leave you short staffed or uncompliant.

Humanforce Payroll connects seamlessly with Humanforce, ensuring a single source of truth of correct data without the risk of human error. From timesheet to payslip, Humanforce automates the award interpretation and processing of data , reducing your administrative burden and the risk of errors.

Shift Management helps to ensure you have the right people in the right place at the right time – simply and easily – so your team are happy and able to deliver top service to your customers

Simple – head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play depending on your device, search for Humanforce and install – you’ll need to contact your employer for your login information.

With Humanforce? It’s easy! We help you to configure the best solution to suit your team and requirements to help you manage your workforce success.

f you’re still relying on pen-and-paper timesheets or Excel calculations, it’s easy for mistakes to slip through: a staff member enters the wrong time, HR reads the wrong column, or someone’s ‘7’ looks like a ‘1’. Electronic attendance systems create infallible records. The Humanforce Mobile App, for example, can allow your staff to clock in and out as soon as they are on the premises. You can relax, knowing that you’ll always have the correct time and attendance data once payroll processing begins.

Work easier. Live better.

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