Rostering & Scheduling

Optimal rostering that makes sure you have the ideal staffing levels, where and when you need them.
Automated and intelligent rostering based on actual work patterns and demand peaks
Roster the right people for the right shifts, every time
Rosters automatically take into account complex Modern Awards and EBAs, so you don't have to
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Humanforce's rostering and scheduling delivers the rosters you need, in an instant. Plan for peak demand periods and tackle compliance confidently with our powerful and smart rostering tools.

Trusted by thousands of frontline workforces globally

Smart rosters your team will love

Auto schedule the right people to the right shifts, based on their predictive demand modelling, actual work patterns, and availability. Save time, reduce errors, avoid cancellations, and improve worker engagement today.

  • Sync with availability

  • Adjusts to certified / qualified members

  • Optimised for best outcomes

Fill shifts swiftly

Last minute shift changes and emergency shift fills happen. Empower your team to choose the shifts that works best for them with shift bidding and shift acceptance capability.

  • Shift bids for your entire team

  • Shift acceptance

  • SMS shift availability notifications

Control costs and protect margins

Contain labour costs, control budgets and keep profit margins in check. Visualise labour costs with ease for better decision making and maximising profits.

  • Track with visual real-time data

  • Account for additional loading and holiday pay

  • Adjust for complex conditions

Lock in other workforce management essentials

Unique things emerge from deploying the whole Humanforce suite
Rostering is so much easier now, quite a few of our rosters don’t change that much over time, so it’s great to be able to duplicate them. And if we do need to make changes, everything is so much more transparent.
Lynette KaiserAccounts Manager
We can now allocate specific costs to each cost centre and we can forecast what they will actually produce in terms of revenue, so we can allocate staff accordingly.
Benjamin PozhuvelilSenior Financial Controller
As we can now track actual labour hours we can easily see how we are tracking against budget. We can see how much labour has been spent on each project, at any point in time.
Bina WallasvaaraGroup Manager Business & Finance

Frequently asked questions

Every organisation is different. So while we can’t say exactly how long Rostering & Scheduling in Humanforce will take your business, we can safely say that it’s much less time than you’d think! If you’re currently using a manual rostering process or if you have a large number of shifts to manage, you may be able to go from spending a few days on scheduling to just a few hours with Humanforce.

In most cases, we find that new customers are able to reduce their time spent rostering quite significantly, regardless of whether they’re transitioning from an older system or a manual process.

Employee Rostering Software allows you to manage the availability of your workforce efficiently, without hours of admin work. Schedule employees to be in the right place, at the right time, to complete the tasks you need to deliver world class experiences to your customers, on time and on budget.

Build quick, easy, intelligent and error-free rosters with our Roster Template Manager, which now delivers:

  • Both Normal Templates and Manager Templates

  • Flexible location and department-based templates with flexible template start days, and

  • Flexible template lengths

A rostering system helps you to schedule and manage your resources – whether that be labour/staff members, rooms, equipment, or more. Rostering tools help you work within budgets and award rules across one or many locations. Roster templates help you to manage your schedules and staff members efficiently and effectively.

Never again hear someone tell you, “I didn’t see the roster!” Humanforce’s simple calendar view is available to all staff members on both the mobile app and website, along with a breakdown of their location, role, and department. As a result, everyone will know exactly where they need to be, and when they need to be there.

We’re probably going to be biased! It’s important to find a rostering and scheduling software solution that is the right fit for your industry and workforce requirements. Humanforce has rich industry insights and is a highly configurable solution that assists more than 1300 customers around the world to schedule their workforce.

If your shifts are understaffed due to scheduling errors, it’s difficult to provide the level of service your customers expect from your business. Automated rostering and scheduling through Humanforce minimises errors, keeping both your customers and your employees happy.

Work easier. Live better.

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