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Lock in compliance confidence with the most advanced and comprehensive award solutions.
Interpret complex awards, keep up to date with changes and apply them with ease
Sync to payroll and fast track wage calculations and checks in a breeze
Flexible award support options to address your industry specific needs
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Simplify compliance complexity with our comprehensive and market-leading range of awards solutions, spanning award interpretation, award support, compliant rostering, and integration with fair work experts.

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Powerful award interpretation engine

Automatically calculate complex awards and conditions with precision in an instant with the industry-leading award interpretation engine.

  • Accommodates all standard industry and Modern Awards

  • Instant calculations across multiple awards

  • Complex rules and changes made simple

Automated payroll calculation

Eliminate the need for manual processes and gain confidence you'll remain compliant with automated payroll calculation. And any changes are easy. No matter how complex, you can stay on top of these without stress with our highly configurable system.

  • Calculations performed in an instant

  • Minimise any risk of human error

  • Perform checks and tests with ease

Advanced Award Support options

Go a step further than relying on out-of-the-box solutions still requiring additional manual intervention. With tailored award support options, your award interpretation is specifically configured by our team of award interpretation specialists to address your unique compliance needs.

  • Manages even the most EBA and EWA complexity

  • Performance Services

  • Industry and case-specific

Simplify other complex processes with these smart tools

Unique things emerge from deploying the whole Humanforce suite
Rostering is so much easier now, quite a few of our rosters don’t change that much over time, so it’s great to be able to duplicate them. And if we do need to make changes, everything is so much more transparent.
Lynette KaiserAccounts Manager
Now we do it all ourselves, so we have complete visibility over our rosters, availability and leave. Wage control used to be nigh on impossible. Now, each store has the information it needs to stay in control of costs, and that of course aids group profit.
Yusi NewnhamCPA Finance Manager
Employees now have more control over their availability and leave, it’s a completely different mindset.
Stuart CoxCatering Director

Frequently asked questions

Those businesses who have introduced Annualised Wage Arrangements are reminded that they will need to conduct an ‘audit’ on the anniversary of the date the business entered into an Annualised Wage Arrangement with an employee(s), in order to comply with their obligations. An audit requires an employer to compare the remuneration actually paid to the employee under the Annualised Wage Arrangement against the amount the employee would have been paid if simply paid according to the relevant Award. Powerful reports in Humanforce can allow you to complete this audit simply, using data that has been automatically captured, then verified by your employees.

We can! Our customers face some of the most complex award requirements and compliance needs in the world. That’s why we’ve built our system to be highly configurable and to suit any type of award or compliance requirements.

Award interpretation is the calculation of how much someone should be paid, for a specific period of time, for the rates and conditions of your employees.

Most payroll errors have their roots in poor record-keeping, from employee onboarding through to the processing of individual timesheets. Wrongly classifying workers during the onboarding phase can lead to award non-compliance and incorrect wage calculations. Accurate time and attendance tracking can also cut down on errors. With a system like Humanforce, you can integrate modern awards information to ensure that the hours worked are correctly logged as regular hours or overtime. Since different awards can have complex overtime, break and allowance requirements, a workforce management software can help you avoid paying workers the wrong rates (plus, you’ll receive an alert if any potential compliance issues arise).

Absolutely. We know it happens. People forget to renew or submit their latest licences or registrations, and all of a sudden, it’s your company that’s on the hook. With Humanforce, you can protect sensitive information while ensuring everyone’s details are up-to-date for every shift.

f you’re still relying on pen-and-paper timesheets or Excel calculations, it’s easy for mistakes to slip through: a staff member enters the wrong time, HR reads the wrong column, or someone’s ‘7’ looks like a ‘1’. Electronic attendance systems create infallible records. The Humanforce Mobile App, for example, can allow your staff to clock in and out as soon as they are on the premises. You can relax, knowing that you’ll always have the correct time and attendance data once payroll processing begins.

Although it may not seem as if workforce management applications would have any bearing on your business’s customer experience, many organisations find that proper HR management enables their team members to provide the highest possible level of service. Happier employees create better experiences on behalf of your brand.

When your team is paid correctly, they’re undoubtedly happier and more engaged – giving your teams a sense of unity, irrespective of workers’ hours, roles or locations. Your company will benefit from higher productivity, better customer outcomes and significant cost savings through higher employee retention rates. Workforce management technology such as Humanforce lead to fewer errors, better decisions and happier staff – translating into a more efficient, productive and profitable business.

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