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Leverage data-driven insights for your organisational success. Our analytics solution help you optimise talent management, increases engagement, and enables informed decision-making.

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Propel your people strategy

Ability to cross-filter your data by business unit, pay grade, tenure, managers' span of controls, and more. We make it easy to uncover potential problems, opportunities, or hidden biases.

  • Understand engagement drivers

  • Unlock high-potential talent

  • Supercharge your DEI goals

More than just people & performance record

We incorporate sentiment analysis to uncover human factors that impact business performance and engagement, helping you make better people decisions that drive great business outcomes.

  • Quick insights with keyword cloud

  • Optimise workforce and resource planning

  • Drill in to attrition decision tree

Empower leaders with data

Enable people managers with analytics access to gain insights into team dynamics, identify areas of improvement and engagement levels, empowering them to drive positive employee experience.

  • Key metrics summary tiles

  • Role-level analytic access

  • Sensitive information filtering

Lock in other workforce management essentials

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It's been a tool that has helped us with the journey of creating a great place to work.
Sarah GatehousePeople & Culture Manager at Fujitsu General
Integration capability was the number one priority when assessing HR systems for Revo Fitness so that we could employ the strengths of different products and still get them to work seamlessly together
Kelly AllisonChief People Officer
The self-service capability of our Humanforce products allows us to empower our managers to look after their people, while also providing them transparency around key business functions like compliance and pay rates.
Kate LudwigHead of People and Culture

Frequently asked questions

Humanforce’s modern labour management solution automates the tracking requirements associated with ensuring staff have current and valid visas, that the necessary personnel are on-site (including RNs and those with the qualifications required to distribute medicines), and that ratio and award requirements are satisfied with every schedule.

Because workforce management solutions leverage automation, it’s not possible for employees to make mistakes or fraudulently report inaccurate work times. This also makes managing exceptions, such as an employee going home sick, easier, while also increasing scheduling confidence. You know your information is always correct – and your people know where they’re supposed to be – ensuring your planning, budgeting, and reporting are always on-track.

One of the biggest challenges Aged Care organisations face is handling scheduling exceptions due to sick leave and annual planning. With an automated workforce management system like Humanforce, rules-based rostering, grey out and black out dates, and employees’ ability to handle shift swapts on their own, labour needs can be better managed, resulting in cost reductions.

It’s easier than you think! Use Humanforce to set black-out and grey-out periods and rules, based on the staffing levels you know you’ll need at certain points. That way, you’ll always have the right people, in the right number, available when you need them.

Speak to your Humanforce account manager for more information and how it’ll integrate with your existing software. You can also receive a quick demo of the app. So, you can see all the different tools and features your employees can access to improve the way they manage money. And from there, implementation is quick as it’ll only take a few weeks to set Thrive up.

Using the Humanforce Mobile App, you can accept shifts and manage unexpected absences from the palm of your hand.

Staying on top of trends ensures the predictive capabilities of your analytics tool are aligned with industry and government expectations.

The other side of the picture is your own organisational aspirations. For example, are you pushing for growth or moving into new markets? Are you keen to build employees’ skills to deliver stronger customer satisfaction? Your HR data can help you achieve goals such as these.

In a number of ways! Firstly, making onboarding smooth – a smooth onboarding can help convince new starters that this really is the dream job they thought it was. Using a system like Humanforce to automate onboarding can help you cut down on onboarding bureaucracy and ensure employees are never asked to provide the same paperwork twice.

Payroll may sound mundane, but it’s at the heart of an employee’s relationship with their company. Paying them correctly and on time shows them that they are appreciated.

When staff can’t access or change their schedule, shift locations and holiday details, their job starts to add stress to their lives. They are no longer able to plan and instead arrive at work stressed and unhappy or even call in sick. There are many ways to improve scheduling, although the ideal strategy might vary based on your individual businesses’ operations.

Humanforce’s online payroll software assists your HR teams to make informed and strategic staffing decisions based on accurate payroll data.

Humanforce Payroll connects seamlessly with Humanforce, ensuring a single source of truth of correct data without the risk of human error. From timesheet to payslip, Humanforce automates the award interpretation and processing of data , reducing your administrative burden and the risk of errors.

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