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Intelligence at work with powerful, customisable reporting dashboards.
Distill valuable insight from quick dashboard summaries and reports in an instant
Build a detailed and accurate picture of your workforce operations with key stats
Understand how your operations are performing right away with real-time data
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Unleash business intelligence and better data-driven decision making with a powerful and customisable dashboard builder. See costs, resources and so much more with easy to build charts and graphs.

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Customisable dashboard reporting

Surface the exact data you need and zero in on what matters most to your business. Build customisable dashboards that target key areas of interest.

  • Costs and sales budgets

  • Payroll key stats

  • Employee engagement, qualifications, and more

Visually rich insights

Generate impactful reports with a click of a button. Convert complex data into visually engaging charts and graphs that presents important data clearly and concisely.

  • Export graphs and charts

  • Visualise areas in need of attention

  • Measure actual vs target performance

Identify challenges before they appear

Get ahead of the game and make workforce management easier for all. Identify trends and gaps today, before they become costly and difficult problems tomorrow.

  • Forecast / pre-empt critical trends

  • Establish baseline performance metrics

  • Fast track workforce resource requirements

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Unique things emerge from deploying the whole Humanforce suite
Humanforce has the ability to show and run data, provide reports to external agencies, including during times of near miss outbreaks and otherwise - technology has been always very important, and COVID has brought it into an even sharper focus.
Craig RutherfordCEO
I’d definitely recommend Humanforce - they continue to innovate, they’re agile, the technologies and software they bring to the table has transformed our business.
Darlene WinstonHead of People & Culture
Pre-Humanforce, the process was extremely time consuming with significant duplication data entering timesheets to the payroll system. Where it took us probably close to a day for all data entry, it’s now instantaneous after approval, as this is directly integrated with the payroll platform.
Luke LoucasFinance Director

Frequently asked questions

Our basic inbuilt reports include project costs, tardiness reporting, hours worked to hours rostered ratios, causes of unauthorised timesheets and more.

Humanforce customers on the cloud can access five new dashboards that give much deeper insight into Employee Health, Payroll Success, Rostering, Approved and Shift Offers.

Workforce Analytics involves identifying how many staff your business needs and what skills you want them to bring with them, both now and in the future. Examples of employee data you might collect and use include turnover rates and historical data about seasonal workforce requirements.

Super simple! Just drag and drop using our custom dashboard builder to visualise the information that’s most impactful to your business. If you have any questions, reach out. The Humanforce team is happy to help if you run into any trouble.

Employee engagement and morale levels can be difficult to track, as they often show up in different ways for different businesses. Tracking trends around lateness, sick days, reported dissatisfaction in particular roles, and overall unhappiness at work using Humanforce’s Data Insights feature can help your team to identify issues and make proactive improvements – before they start to affect overall performance.

Staying on top of trends ensures the predictive capabilities of your analytics tool are aligned with industry and government expectations.

The other side of the picture is your own organisational aspirations. For example, are you pushing for growth or moving into new markets? Are you keen to build employees’ skills to deliver stronger customer satisfaction? Your HR data can help you achieve goals such as these.

Although it may not seem as if workforce management applications would have any bearing on your business’s customer experience, many organisations find that proper HR management enables their team members to provide the highest possible level of service. Happier employees create better experiences on behalf of your brand.

Work easier. Live better.

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