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Deliver compliant, cost effective rosters for every shift. Engage your staff from any device, delight your customers and drive growth.

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Transform your employee
experience to unlock growth

We enable you to deliver an enriching employee journey for your shift based workforce. From head office to the front line, our solution delivers a frictionless employee experience that will enhance job purpose and satisfaction for your team. Create an engaged workforce, delivering improved customer experience and ultimately increased revenue.

  • Engage teams on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Teams can easily swap shifts & manage schedules on the go
  • Enable your team to easily collaborate and provide feedback
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Simplify & automate processes
to boost productivity

Our intelligent AI powered workforce management platform enables you to deliver cost effective, compliant rosters in minutes. Our mobile app & biometric kiosks enable you to get real time visibility into your time and attendance data.

  • Automate and accelerate your roster creation process
  • Use extensive workforce data to predict demand and optimise rosters
  • Check attendance in real-time and replace no shows instantly
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Mitigate risk & gain compliance confidence

Mitigate risk & gain compliance confidence

Labour laws across the globe are complex. Our AI-powered platform takes the hassle out of ensuring compliance with various labour regulations.

  • Award Interpretation engine enables automated compliance
  • Ensure your team are paid inline with local labour laws
  • Automate award calculations to save time and money
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Enabling your teams to do their best work

How we help businesses succeed

What our customers say

  • Darlene Winston
  • Head of People & Culture
    Secure Parking

“I’d definitely recommend Humanforce - they continue to innovate, they’re agile, the technologies and software they bring to the table has transformed our business.“

Powering thousands of workforces each day




Over 500,000 employees across the
globe use Humanforce to clock
on for their next shift. Under and over payments are minimised due to the automation of their
pay calculations.




On average it takes our
customers about 78% less time
each week to create compliant,
cost effective rosters that employees love.




Our award interpretation engine
automatically interprets
thousands of timesheets each month
saving our customers thousands
of hours in administration time.


Improve worker retention in challenging times

Guide to engaging and retaining your workforce in the current climate.

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