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Eliminate the complexity in event logistics, staffing and compliance

Creating a seamless, premium event experience is complex. With considerations spanning venue assessment, security, food & beverage services, audio & visual, event activation and more, you need a solution that can handle complex rostering scenarios, give you compliance confidence to handle award requirements for varied and highly specialised roles, and a way to communicate easily and effectively to staff, 24/7.

Meet compliance obligations

With many specialised roles in events and stadia, keeping up-to-date with awards can be a challenge.

Humanforce helps by providing real-time visibility of rosters, on-site staff and staff availability changes, ensuring compliance with consistent onboarding processes for each employment type across all your venues and ensuring your staff are paid correctly through our award interpretation engine

How we solve this:

Scalable rostering & scheduling

Managing a seasonal workforce that fluctuates in size and composition can be a significant challenge when it comes to recruitment, onboarding and scheduling. We can help.
- Managers can change rosters in real-time
- Employees can view, accept or decline shifts, swap shifts or bid on shifts on the go
- Engage staff with 1:1 or group chat and mobile alerts, for important on- and off-site communications

How we solve this:

Attract, retain, engage, communicate

Retaining your skilled workforce, attracting new staff for peak periods and ensuring effective communication and collaboration among a diverse workforce is essential for coordinated operations. With Humanforce:
- Communicating with managers and peers, bidding or swapping shifts, and clocking on/off are made easy via our mobile app
- Employees can access perks and benefits with Thrive Wellbeing
- Workforce analytics on engagement & attrition provide insights and help make informed decisions

How we solve this:

  • Payroll Processing Time Saved & Errors Reduced
  • Automated Rostering to Improve Efficiency
  • Realtime Reporting & Forecasting for Visibility
Employees now have more control over their availability and leave, it’s a completely different mindset.
Stuart CoxCatering Director
  • Streamlined check-in processes save time and add security
  • Single platform to manage all operations and agency staff
  • Review and respond to live traffic, adjust rosters on the go based on demand
Humanforce is great for us in staffing, consistency is great, we can see where everyone has worked in the past, just a click of a button and then it’s on the screen. The time that we used to spend manually adding and changing times and people and hours of work, we can also do that as a bulk edit now, which is great for us.
Alison GrayDirector Of Human Resources

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