What are cloud rosters and why are they invaluable to your deskless workers?

Learn about cloud rostering and what they can offer deskless employees and management.

If you’re managing the schedules of a deskless workforce, and you’re doing it with a paper-based system or on a spreadsheet on your desktop, prepare for many of your pain points to disappear.

All you need for immediate productivity gains is to get started on a modern technology solution. Prepare to enjoy rostering.

What are cloud rosters?

Cloud rosters are based on servers you can access through an internet browser. There’s no need for you to invest in the computer hardware: you just hire the software and storage you need and it will continue to keep all your data in sync.

The rosters are centralised, easy to access for a deskless workforce (even on mobiles) and scalable. 

That means you can run a roster for a 3000-count workforce as easily as for 300. A cloud roster can grow with your business without needing scarce capital spent on hardware.

How cloud rostering differs from other time and attendance solutions

Any manager accustomed to manual timesheets and spreadsheets will understand the frustration of antiquated time and attendance solutions.

Imagine instead that your deskless workers can all access their rosters on apps on their mobile phones. With any switch or updates to their roster, they get an instant notification. Communication among their team and to and from their managers is centrally organised and easy to send and verify.

Because their complete certifications and awards are already supported via the cloud-based app, cloud rostering will never connect a worker for a role or shift they are not qualified for. 

Employee leave is also registered on the app, which means they don’t get a message to log on for work when they’re on leave. 

Because many of these functions are automated and in sync, cloud rostering frees you from many long manual tasks that are mundane and inefficient. Not only are you happier, but every workforce team is too.

How to build and manage cloud rosters

The benefits of cloud rosters

A well-designed staff roster or schedule will help your company reduce costs, boost staff morale and improve service quality.

Cloud rosters for deskless workers are based on remote workforce management software. These solutions usually embrace many useful functions, including efficient rostering. 

Cloud rosters are designed to work with mobile apps that keep remote teams connected, communicating and engaged.

Most providers offer roster templates to help build rosters that suit your industry and organisation. Templates can be easily customised for your particular needs, and suit aged care, child care, hospitality and retail, to name a few.

The key is to simplify and automate processes to boost productivity and make your task to manage and check the rosters much easier.

Why it’s important for deskless workers to have access to cloud-based rostering

Cloud rosters are an effective way to overcome deskless workforce challenges.

Remote workforce management software can:

  • Provide secure and reliable access to critical tools

  • Keep communication lines open with a mobile-first approach

  • Establish a positive environment conducive to remote work

  • Track and manage your teams and enhance productivity

  • Ensure endpoint security

  • Implement tools to aid remote team management

  • Encourage employee engagement.

Quality rostering software tools help your organisation to create compliant rosters, as well as to manage demand ebbs and surges. They allow staff to bid for extra shifts, ensuring any shift session is always covered without loading up on costly agency staff. 

Recent research shows that providing access to new digital tools results in staff working 22% more shifts and reduces employee turnover by 16% – a key consideration in today’s tight labour market where replacing high-performing talent could cost you up to three times their annual salary.

Future of cloud-based applications such as cloud rostering

The future is already here. The giant global players like Amazon Web Services (used by Humanforce) who dominate the cloud business employ industry-leading security and any single business can’t come close to having anything as secure or reliable. 

Providing these services on apps for employees who are always on the road or work in deskless environments such as a hospital or retail store is the future for cloud rostering.


Transitioning into cloud rostering software will set your business up for success, delivering better employee experience, greater efficiency and improved productivity. It will give you the freedom to use these new tools as you scale up or down.

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