Intuitive, easy-to-use HCM suite, designed to help your staff focus on what matters most

Healthcare professionals are constantly striving to deliver positive patient outcomes in the face of budget restraints, staff shortages, and complex employment conditions - all while safeguarding the wellbeing of their staff. Humanforce can help you manage this with an enterprise-grade solution that's simple to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Compliant & optimal rosters

Humanforce helps ensure that you roster the right number of staff with the required skills and qualifications for every shift, while keeping overtime costs and employee fatigue in check with warnings and alerts. Our powerful award interpretation engine manages compliance in adherence with complex awards and employment conditions automatically - even for those on multiple contracts.

How we solve this:

Get more out of tight budgets & resources

In a tight fiscal environment, it's crucial to maximise your budgets. Gain clear visibility over labour spend with advanced workforce analytics and minimise leakage with accurate time & attendance functionality. Integration with Humanforce Payroll or your existing payroll platform delivers accurate payroll each and every time. You'll also benefit from automating those time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing you to funnel resources towards more critical priorities.

How we solve this:

Effectively manage the employee lifecycle

Automatically collect all necessary new starter information and documentation with our customisable onboarding workflows. Then, continue to provide a positive employee experience with our mobile Work App, allowing staff to manage their own schedules and communicate with their team. Plus, our employee engagement tools let you conduct regular check-ins to track employee happiness and wellbeing, and proactively manage issues before they exacerbate.

How we solve this:

  • Implementation of scalable, structured error-free workforce management system
  • Ability to grow employee base without needing to increase resources in the back office
  • Reduced time for timesheet data entries and resolving queries
  • Increased efficiency of payroll backend
  • Improved employee engagement, accurate record-keeping of employee shifts
Pre-Humanforce, the process was extremely time consuming with significant duplication data entering timesheets to the payroll system. Where it took us probably close to a day for all data entry, it’s now instantaneous after approval, as this is directly integrated with the payroll platform.
Luke LoucasFinance Director
  • Payroll Processing Time Saved – from 20 hours a week to 4 hours a fortnight
  • Realtime Communication & Forecasting for Visibility
  • Compliance and care-level requirements managed
I think it’s one of the reasons our staff like to be here, because it makes their life much easier.
Deborah JenningsHR Manager
  • Payroll Processing Time Saved & Errors Reduced
  • Improved Rostering Efficiency and Clarity
  • Forecasting for Visibility & Budget Planning
Staff can apply for leave so much more easily. Rosters are so much more visible and scanning stops arguments – there’s no debate about who was on shift when, and that means everyone gets paid for the time they’re here.
Tina MillsGeneral Manager