From Perk To Pressure

As we continue the dance of lockdown and re-opening, businesses are starting to see that they must adapt to the pandemic which is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Social distancing and working-from-home have become the norm for a lot of Australians, but there are many others in the hospitality, retail, education, aged-care, and child-care industries forced to navigate COVID-19 in person. Managers of these workforces need to look towards solutions for complex rostering, last-minute long-term shift-swapping, and accurate and visible time and attendance.
Complex Rostering

With hundreds of daily cases in Victoria and the growing clusters in New South Wales and Queensland, it’s clear that rostering for shift-based jobs must be flexible and immediate. Whether they’re waiting for results, in contact with a confirmed case or monitoring for symptoms, thousands of Australians are self-isolating. Employers need to have real-time communication and rostering capability so that when they receive news that an employee is self-isolating, they can ensure quick rostering changes.


Evidence shows that the young workforce prioritises employers with technological solutions that allow staff-led shift-swapping.  Helping employees shift-swap immediately with one another on a mobile platform helps employees to stay on top of their jobs, making shift-based work easy for employees and managers alike. Tech solutions mean you and your business are not left in the dark when employees need to self-isolate for any amount of time.

T&A Accuracy

All managers in industries with essential or client-facing workers must ensure that their time and attendance is precise and visible. Knowing the location of your staff is no longer a perk of tech solutions, it’s pivotal and mandatory for the safety of your workforce. Every day in Australia, workplaces such as restaurants, pubs, shops, schools, aged-care homes and child-care centres are shut down for cleaning after COVID-19 positive cases. As a manger, it’s your job to know who was where at what time to ensure the right people self-isolate to prevent spread.

Twelve months ago, a solution to complex rostering needs, immediate staff-led shift-swapping and accurate and visible time and attendance records were a perk of workforce management solutions. Today, the new pressures of COVID-19 on businesses are industry-wide, necessary and unchanging.