As social distancing restrictions and forced business closures start to ease up, many businesses are beginning to plan to re-open while taking every step to reduce transmission risk.

At Humanforce, our customers and their teams are our number one priority, so we’ve come up with some straightforward, practical solutions to help you with your plans to return to the workplace and re-open in a healthy and safe manner.

If your teams typically use a kiosk to clock and manage their workforce requirements, you need to limit the transmission risk associated with touching a tablet and, if you use one, a vein scanner.

COVID-19 is highly contagious and is known to spread from person to person via respiratory droplets that can contaminate surfaces and objects.

Kiosks and vein scanners both can be cleaned, see instructions here, but this is not really convenient to be doing between each employee. Over-cleaning, over time, can start to damage the appearance of hardware.

Instead, we recommend thorough cleaning on a daily basis, or between shift transitions for a larger workforce. To help maintain the hygiene and health of employees however, it’s best they use a hand sanitiser (containing at least 60% alcohol) immediately before and immediately after touching any hardware. Employees should ensure sanitiser is absorbed fully into the skin before attempting to use hardware.

This does make clocking slightly more time consuming, and adds in additional process. To ensure your employees are following these processes, we can help you to configure kiosk screensavers, custom messages (localisation) and noticeboard functionality that reminds your staff of proper hygiene and any new clocking processes that have been implemented to keep them safe. These are simple to implement for most customers.

For organisations with larger teams, or who are operating in high risk industries, we recommend considering shifting to our facial recognition employee verification and eliminating the use of vein scanners.

Facial recognition is a low contact option, where employees are able to clock on and off with a single touch to a tablet screen. These screens are considerably more straight forward to clean, and combined with the use of hand sanitizer, could be less of a contamination risk than the use of a vein scanner. Facial recognition is dependant both on your Humanforce version, and your hardware, please contact us for more information.

For organisations with a large, high risk workforce or possibly remote working employees, using the Humanforce Mobile App is a no-contact alternative. Employees use their own mobile devices for clocking and all ESS functionality, eliminating any contact with a shared device. Geofencing can be configured to set restrictions around clocking locations as required. The mobile app can include custom messages in shift reminders, about hygiene processes for example, and noticeboards to ensure staff are notified and alerted to any updates. The mobile app does require an upgrade if you’re on an older version of the product, contact the team here for more information.

If your business is receiving the JobKeeper allowance, JobKeeper Paytypes can help to simplify the payroll process for finance teams, so that workers on JobKeeper are not required to be paid on separate pay runs, reducing errors and eliminating the need for re-onboarding when normal business operations resume.


If you have any questions, or need any help implementing something specific, the team at Humanforce can help. Take a look at our below guides:


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