Your 5-Step Guide to Building a Business Case for Workforce Management Software


The new expectations of what HR and WFM software can deliver

With technology now impacting almost every aspect of modern life, it’s no surprise that the expectations of what workplace technology can deliver have also shifted. From higher user adoption rates to enhanced reporting functionality, through to seamless integrations, our guide highlights what HR, executives and employees now expect from this rapidly evolving field of technology.

Assessing where you are today

Since every business is different, it's crucial you take some time to assess where you are on your WFM technology journey before jumping headfirst into the latest automation and AI tools. Our guide provides some tips on conducting an audit of existing solutions and processes, and where your organisation stands in terms of WFM technology maturity.

Building a business case: 5 key steps

Finally, our guide provides a handy 5-step guide to building a business case for investment into WFM and HR technology. These steps include clarifying why your organisation should invest in new technology, identifying the benefits such an investment will bring, aligning the business case to the goals and strategy of your organisation, and defining what success will look like for each of your ‘reasons for change’. Our guide is packed with helpful tips and independent research to reinforce your case.

The right WFM solution for your organisation

Regardless of whether you are replacing manual scheduling, time & attendance and HR processes or upgrading outmoded existing technology, our guide aims to not just inform you of what WFM software can offer, but also how to select the right solution for your organisation.

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