The Great Resignation: Navigating Your Workforce Needs For Higher Employee Retention


“The Great Resignation” has become an increasingly popular term among many in the human resource management sector over the last few months, and relates to the tumultuous global employment trends seen in the wake of the pandemic.  

The labour force is experiencing more shortages, higher demand for workers & more push back from employees. So what exactly is driving this movement and how can you navigate the current landscape to help your business come out on top? Unfortunately for many organisations reliant on a deskless workforce model, it is not a viable option to work from home or remotely and as such are at the greatest risk of being adversly impacted by the Great Resignation.  

In our in-depth eBook, we explore:

  • The end-to-end employee experience, with research-backed evidence of why deskless and essential workers are moving around

  • How your business can counteract the Great Resignation at an individual employee level

  • Key factors that help attract the right talent for your business

  • How to seamlessly manage and empower your team to improve employee satisfaction and engagement

  • How HR technology can complement your business and employee retention strategy

Improving your employee relations by engaging with and empowering your staff can set you apart, helping you attract and retain quality talent who’ll stay with your organisation for the long haul. Complete the form to download the eBook and discover our key industry insights that will help you implement the appropriate measures for your business.