How WFM technology can enhance the employee experience


A compelling employee experience (EX) can act as a powerful talent retention and attraction magnet. Our eBook explores how human capital management (HCM) suites can play a key role in shaping the EX and improving HR service delivery in frontline workplaces.

The critical link between HR software and the EX

The EX is the lens through which every experience and interaction an employee has with their organisation should be viewed. It includes a patchwork of systems, environments, conversations, relationships, benefits and rewards that all play a role in the day-to-day experience and overall journey for each employee.

For frontline (or ‘deskless’) workers, technology plays a critical role in their overall job satisfaction – but for too long this critical workforce segment has been neglected.

Research shows that 75% of deskless workers spend most of their time at work using some form of technology, yet 60% report being unsatisfied or feeling there’s room for improvement in the technology they use.[1]

A different study found that 78% of surveyed deskless workers said technology is an important factor when choosing a job.[2]

From smarter team scheduling to easier clocking on and off, through to faster onboarding and simplified performance management processes, the right software can make a significant difference to employee engagement and productivity, and even their health and wellbeing.

Benefits for workers, managers and HR

This eBook outlines:

  • The new expectations of what HR/WFM tech can deliver to employees, HR and executives – including intuitive, seamless digital processes, and highly personalised user experiences

  • The dangers of not automating HR and workforce management processes – including data entry mistakes and compliance breaches, inefficient workflows, and overburdened operations managers and HR teams

  • Key ways technology can optimise the EX and improve HR service delivery in deskless work environments

 In volatile economic times, we’re all looking for a more streamlined HR function that focuses less on endless administrative and compliance tasks, and more on longer-term, strategic goals. To find out more, complete the form to download the eBook.

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[2] “The state of technology for the deskless workforce”, Emergence Capital, 2020