Building a Winning Business Case for your Workforce Management


With world events disrupting our way of work, managing multiple duties such as creating and managing schedules and rosters, reporting, managing budgets and of course the dreaded compliance requirements can be super challenging without the support of a robust digital workforce management solution is an uphill battle. This misalignment between your duties and tools creates a high-pressure environment, leaves too much room for error, and breeds staff dissatisfaction.

Digital workforce management solutions are essential for success to cope with the turbulent markets we operate in. Yet, like many businesses, you find yourself lacking these tools to navigate your new reality and building a business case to justify it can feel daunting.

You're not alone.

Research by Prophet, a business transformation consulting company, found that company backing for digital transformation can be difficult to gain.

Also, 28% of people surveyed said transformation is viewed as, and 29% of respondents said it was difficult to gather data that proved its ROI.

At first glance, these figures can be disheartening if you're keen to bring your organisation’s workforce management into the future.

But not all is not lost. Securing executive buy-in for transformation in your workforce management isn't impossible with proper planning, research, and timing.

In our guide, we dive into the types of data to include to pique your executive team's interest. Plus, we've compiled a handy list of quotable data points to help you get started,

Agility in your workforce management is key to thriving in the era of disruption we face.   Your Business Case will be approved with the proper planning, the right strategy, and solid data.