2023 HR Trends: 5 Ways HR will Transform Deskless Workplaces


Looking ahead after a year of HR challenges

From the game-changing impact of COVID-19 to the ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Great Reset’, through to the ‘Quiet Quitting’ phenomenon and the economic slowdown, the world of work has rarely witnessed such a volatile run.

Given this ongoing uncertainty, the topics covered in our eBook are not outlandish predictions or forecasts; they are emerging trends, taking what is currently being done in some forward-thinking businesses and expanding upon them. They are relevant to all organisations, but a special focus has been placed on employers of deskless workers.

What’s covered?

Every touchpoint an employee has with their employer is undergoing a transformation. Learning and development, employee benefits, flexible work…the list goes on. Our eBook focuses on these areas:

  1. The voice of employees and how it will shape their experience at work

    From stay conversations to open-source change initiatives that allow employees to ‘co-create’ change decisions, it’s never been more critical to listen to the voice of employees.

  2. The rise of holistic wellbeing benefits

    With economies struggling globally, employees will turn to their employer for extra support. Financial wellbeing benefits will become a key component of the employee benefits suite.

  3. Skills audits and the creation of ‘sticky’ organisations

    Despite ongoing skills shortages, focus will shift towards retaining existing employees. One way to do that is through the creation of personalised career development pathways.

  4. Human-centric employee value propositions and the role of ‘purpose’

    The pandemic caused many workers to question the role of work in their lives. Creating a ‘human-centric’ EVP with a focus on purpose is one way to re-engage their hearts and minds.

  5. Optimising the ROI of HR technology investments

    To get the most from investments into HR technology, many business leaders in 2023 will be focusing on new, people-focused approaches to change management.

Bracing for the future

Packed with useful tips and the latest research, our eBook aims to not just inform you of HR best practice in challenging times but also help you build a resilient, adaptable and agile workplace.

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