Casual workers are heavily reliant on mobile apps to accomplish tasks in their daily lives, as we noted earlier. When it comes to their daily work life, few things (if any) can serve them better than a robust mobile app.

It helps them schedule their day, ensure they arrive to work on time, know exactly where to go, how long they will work and how much pay they can expect. It should even help them to receive their pay faster.

For any frontline or HR manager who leverages a significant casual workforce, they likely have deployed a mobile app that performs, at a minimum, basic workforce management tasks, such as the following:

  1. Rosters and scheduling
  2. Timesheet management
  3. Time and attendance
  4. Onboarding
  5. Communications
  6. Leave and availability
  7. Award interpretation

Not only does a robust mobile app help casual workers respond faster to opportunities, it helps employers and employees alike by removing the ‘surprise factor’ that can cause undue stress to everyone involved, including those who manage casual workers.

For all the benefits of workforce management mobile apps, employers and workers will benefit far more from an app that can provide continuous business improvements.

To learn more about the role of apps in employee engagement download the How Employee Engagement is Shaping Modern HR Management whitepaper.

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