Stay on track

Time and Attendance tools allow you to see who is working where in real time. Having visibility across your business allows managers to monitor and proactively manage staff.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can an automated Time & Attendance system help my organisation?


Because Humanforce’s Time & Attendance feature leverages automation, it’s not possible for employees to make mistakes or fraudulently report inaccurate work times. This also makes managing exceptions, such as an employee going home sick, easier, while also increasing scheduling confidence. You know your information is always correct – and your people know where they’re supposed to be – ensuring your planning, budgeting, and reporting are always on-track.  


How much time will Humanforce’s Time & Attendance system save me?


Let’s look at an example. Say you have a team of 25, each working 3 shifts a week. In this case, your manager has 75 timesheets to approve each week. Imagine that each timesheets takes 2 minutes to check, on average, and that the manager spends 20 minutes following up on missing timesheets, errors, sick days, or other discrepancies. 


Using Humanforce’s automation, clocking, and authorisation by exception features eliminates the need to manually review correct timesheets. All that’s left is the 20 minutes needed to resolve unexpected issues – a savings of 2 ½ hours of admin time each week. 


How hard will it be to transition my team to a new Time & Attendance system?


Many employees struggle to comply with complex or convoluted manual time-keeping processes. As a result, most teams appreciate how much easier an automated Time & Attendance solution makes managing their shifts and schedules. In any case, Humanforce works alongside new clients and their teams to ensure we’re not disrupting existing processes, ensuring a smooth transition for both staff and management.


How will Humanforce’s Time & Attendance feature impact my customers?


Although it may not seem as if Time & Attendance management has any bearing on your business’s customer experience, many organisations find that proper staffing enables their team members to provide the highest possible level of service. Happier employees create better experiences on behalf of your brand.