The essential guide to choosing a HCM suite


Whether it’s automating administrative tasks, producing insights from the huge volumes of data that leaders and managers have access to, or improving the employee experience, HR technology has the potential to transform how organisations operate. This guide provides tips on choosing the right human capital management (HCM) suite for managing your frontline workforce.

What is a HCM suite?


Although the functionality and scope of the various HCM suites on the market vary, the end goal is to help organisations attract, develop, engage, retain and manage their workers – all while improving compliance and overall business performance.


Any combination of the following are typical in HCM suites: recruitment, onboarding, talent management, employee engagement, training and development, performance management, skills/qualification/training management, workforce management (including time and attendance, rostering and scheduling), payroll/benefits administration, reporting and analytics.


What are the benefits of a HCM suite?


Our guide walks you through the benefits to expect from a best-in-one HCM suite, including:


  • Streamlined and automated HR and workforce management processes, potentially saving time, money and resources

  • Data-driven insights, metrics and reporting, drawn from one centralised location

  • Greater compliance confidence

  • A seamless user experience, with less time required to learn multiple systems

  • An improved end-to-end employee experience, bolstered by self-service tools, better connectivity and easier access to all the tools that frontline workers need to do their jobs effectively, such as access to rosters and payslips, and the ability to apply for leave and bid on shifts on-the-go with mobile technology


What’s covered in our guide to choosing a HCM suite?


Dedicated sections of our guide cover: 


  • The key differences between all-in-one integrated suites and best-of-breed specialised tools – and how a best-in-one HCM suite like Humanforce presents the best of both worlds: the freedom to choose the in-depth functionality of specialised tools, and the power and convenience of an integrated all-in-one platform

  • Questions to ask potential HCM vendors regarding system integrations, user experience, reporting, data and analytics, scalability and customisation, support and security, and how HCM suites can simplify HR and workforce management processes

  • How to assess the return on investment of a HCM suite, including tips relating to determining potential cost savings and revenue gains, assessing improvements to HR service delivery, and calculating the total cost of a HCM system

  • An outline of other ROI elements to consider, including mitigating compliance risk and improvements to employee engagement and productivity


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