Supporting the health of your frontline workers


Why health and wellbeing benefits are needed

After more than three years of almost relentless upheavals sparked by the global pandemic, people are tired. Shift-based, frontline workers such as nurses, carers and teachers went above and beyond in their efforts to keep critical services running. Today there’s a greater expectation that employers will support the health and wellbeing of their shift-based employees. There’s growing evidence that it’s much needed.

Research shows that shift workers on rotating schedules tend to eat more erratically and frequently than day workers, snack more at night and consume fewer healthier foods. Shift work has also been linked to serious health issues, such as sleep disorders, increased obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, and an increased risk of workplace or motor vehicle accidents.

In addition, workers in highly casualised workplaces, who are often in low-pay roles and are often young, are struggling the most with the current cost-of-living crisis. Those workers are more likely to have recently missed a bill payment and are less likely to feel in control of their spending.

The role of employers

How can employers ensure they are offering the right level of support to their employees? With the benefits of happier, healthier employees flowing both ways, a holistic approach is recommended. Such an approach combines tools, education, and resources to help employees progress towards their goals – such as paying off debts, losing weight, achieving better work-life balance, or improving mental health – and creates lasting behavioural change.

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