Smarter talent acquisition: 5 strategies to get ahead of the competition


Smarter talent acquisition

For certain industries – such as retail, hospitality and the various care sectors – the talent crunch never went away. This eBook focuses on what employers can do to position themselves more effectively as talent magnets. How can they step back from the day-to-day operational side of recruitment to take a more strategic view of their workforce needs?

The war for talent is still raging

Employers are being challenged on multiple talent fronts. On one hand, employees are still seeking new roles elsewhere – and in some cases, they’ve left sectors altogether in their hunt for better pay and conditions. On the other hand, to keep operations running, the need to maintain or increase headcount is relentless.

It’s no surprise that 88% of surveyed employers are experiencing a skills shortage and are struggling to fill roles.

Our eBook explores the hiring challenges currently being faced and why it’s not enough to increase pay to attract people to your organisation. We look at what employees want from you, as their employer, and how to position your organisation as a talent magnet.

Strategies to navigate the talent crunch

There are no easy solutions to any of these challenges – however, there are ways to ease the pain. Our eBook highlights five strategies to get the best talent onboard, including:

  • Strategic workforce planning, including undertaking a skills audit to ensure the right talent doesn’t already sit within your organisation

  • Viewing all hiring activities through a diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) lens to appeal to a wider talent pool

  • Taking an open hiring approach – or hiring for attitude and training for skills, as adopted by many retailers and hospitality organisations

  • Borrowing from marketing’s toolkit to create a compelling employer brand, build a talent pipeline, and segment that pipeline to connect with specific jobseekers

In addition, we look at the critical role that artificial intelligence and hiring data are playing in talent acquisition, and why investing in the workforce and the tools and technology required to manage that talent could be the keys to future success.

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