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Humanforce’s powerful reporting tool allows you to analyse and interpret all of your workforce management data. Reports show you everything from lateness, differences in hours worked, roster hours, to causes of unauthorised timesheets.


Frequently Asked Question

What are some of the standard reports Humanforce offers?
Our basic, inbuilt reports show you everything from lateness, hours worked vs rostered, causes of unauthorised timesheets, project costs and more.


How easy is it to build a managers dashboard?
Super simple! Just drag and drop, or we’re happy to help you if you have trouble.


How do these insights help me keep my employees happy?
We know that employee engagement and morale can be difficult to track – and often shows up in different ways. Lateness, sick days, dissatisfaction in a role, unhappiness at work can actually all be measured – enabling your team to identify issues and proactively make improvements, before engagement problems start to affect performance.