Clock on and off with a look or a single touch

Using infrared light, vein scanning is a non-invasive and safe method of verifying personnel. Near-infrared light is projected onto the finger where a vein pattern is captured. This is stored securely as a 1,146 digit, alpha-numeric sequence.

Vein patterns are more unique than a fingerprint and don’t require fingers to be clean or dry. The scanners are small and connect to tablets and kiosks by USB, making them portable across different locations in your business.

Get smart with facial recognition

Smart facial recognition clocking is quick and foolproof, meaning you always have access to accurate time and attendance data. Using a three-photo capture and state-of-the-art recognition server, any device with a camera can be used to verify staff. Employees can register their own faces, say when someone turns up for their first shift, or make it part of their mobile on-boarding process.

Leading anti-fraud features mean even the types of cameras found in affordable android tablets can be used with confidence. With our powerful enterprise framework, facial recognition can be used to roster resources and equipment.