Humanforce’s Commitment to the Highest Standard of Data Protection & Risk Management Recognised by ISO 27001 Certification


 Sydney, 07 December, 2023:  Humanforce, an Australian-borne global provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions, today announced its achievement of ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification of Humanforce Cloud, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to information security.  

The internationally recognised Standard highlights the strength of Humanforce’s Information Security Management System (ISMS), and reinforces that it is built upon comprehensive policies, procedures, and technical controls that are designed to safeguard the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of all data owned or handled by the company. 

The entire cloud-based Humanforce HCM suite consisting of WFM, intelliHR, Payroll and Thrive Wellbeing is compliant to the ISO27001 Standard, placing the company at the forefront of data security among enterprise-grade HCM solutions. 

“Humanforce supports 2,300+ customers and over 650,000 employees globally, across a diverse range of industries, where data plays a mission-critical role for these businesses and their employees alike,” said Clayton Pyne, CEO of Humanforce. “Our customers entrust us with their sensitive data, and we understand just how crucial it is to secure this data against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Achieving this certification reflects our unwavering commitment to protecting our customers’ trust.” 

The certification process involved a rigorous evaluation of Humanforce's security practices, including its advanced technical controls and security-first approach to system design. Key elements such as robust access control frameworks, meticulous risk management, and unified encryption practices were assessed to ensure the highest level of security for customer data. 

“We strongly believe that making work easier and life better for frontline and flexible workforces should never come with any associated risks to worker data,” added Pyne. “That’s why for Humanforce, receiving ISO certification is not just about meeting a Standard – it’s about embedding a culture of security throughout our organisation, whereby we are constantly enhancing our systems to meet ever-evolving security challenges, so that we are protecting our customers’ information at all times.” 

 Humanforce is focused on maintaining and continuously improving its security measures, ensuring alignment with certification. Regular internal audits and reviews by Information Security Organization (ISO) assessors will ensure ongoing compliance and adaptation to new security threats and regulations. 

“Our customers can have confidence in the fact that their data is in safe hands with Humanforce. We view the security of our products as a core duty and a critical element in distinguishing Humanforce as the best choice for employers of frontline and flexible workers,” concluded Pyne. 

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About Humanforce  

Humanforce provides the market leading, employee-centred, intelligent and compliant HCM suite for frontline and flexible workforces, offering highly configurable, best-in-one WFM, HR and Payroll - without compromise. Our vision is to make work easier and life better by focusing on the employee experience (EX), and the efficiency and optimisation of businesses. 

 Founded in 2002, Humanforce has a 2300-strong customer base and over 650,000 users worldwide. Today, we have offices across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. 

Customers include Story House Early Learning, Flight Centre, Southern Cross Care, Howard Smith Wharves, Delaware North and more.