Embracing growth from within: Upskilling & development strategies in frontline workplaces

Type: Webinar
Location: Online
Duration: 1 hour

With hiring budgets tight, it's never been more important to retain existing employees. This is especially the case in frontline industries like aged care and hospitality, where workers are especially difficult to attract and expensive to replace.

What can employers do? Research shows that providing learning and career growth opportunities can make a genuine difference to the employee experience, while also boosting retention and acting as a magnet for external talent. In this webinar, we outline:


  • Why knowing the existing skillsets of employees, as well as understanding their career aspirations, are the first steps to building talent from within

  • How to build non-linear career pathways for deskless workers through education, experience, learning from others, and work assignments

  • The learning & development delivery options that get the most cut-through in frontline workplaces - from short in-person training sessions and mobile-first learning, to job shadowing and mentoring

  • How to help employees make the move from being individual contributors to managers