Thompson Healthcare


Number of employees:



13 sites across Sydney


Ann Turnbull -- CEO a Lynden Aged Care

Deborah Jennings – HR Manager at Thompson Health Care


Facility managers were wasting hours managing rosters, checking budgets, planning annual leave and authorising timesheets. Having different facilities, with different processes, was creating all sorts of admin headaches. Underutilising the work pool increases wage costs and takes time to fill unplanned sick leave shifts.

“We were using just a clocking system and paper rosters. It was extremely difficult, every fortnight I would get complaints from the payroll manager. Every nursing home, and we have 12 sites, was using a slightly different paper version and despite our best efforts to standardise, they would always tweak and they’d always come back to head office in a different way.”


Humanforce engages the team, especially when working across multiple facilities, so employees can plan their leave, request shift swaps and know exactly where and when they are rostered to work. Making sure that unexpected absences are efficiently covered is critical to day-to-day operations. Ensuring that the right care levels are maintained while at the same time making sure that your organisation is meeting all of the country compliance rules and paying your employees accurately.

“The main benefits have been not having to ring 20 people to cover a shift.”

I think it’s one of the reasons our staff like to be here, because it makes their life much easier.

- Deborah Jennings, HR Manager, Thompson Health Care

  • Payroll Processing Time Saved - from 20 hours a week to 4 hours a fortnight

  • Realtime Communication & Forecasting for Visibility

  • Compliance and care-level requirements managed