With a network of more than 30 stores across Australia using manual timesheets, each store sending theirs for payroll individually for review then onto a 3rd party payroll provider, Sheike needed to regain control and automate their systems.


Before Humanforce, payroll was a time consuming and error prone process, having to cover the cost of using an outsourced payroll system and then having someone check the details were all correct meant this was also costly.

"We were effectively paying twice: one monthly fee for the payroll, and another for a resource to check what we sent them! Compared to the way we work now, it was so much more expensive." Says Yusi Newnham, CPA Finance Manager, Sheike.

Having to comply with pay regulations in different states across the country added complexity, and made forecasting and cost control very difficult. Sharing staff across sites, compare rosters between stores and controlling wage costs was near on impossible.

As a growing business, Sheike recognised that if they didn’t fix issues relying on manual process, then the problems would grow too.


With Humanforce, Sheike has complete visibility over rosters, availability and leave – at all times – which allows simple forecasting, planning and budgeting.

"Now we do it all ourselves, so we have complete visibility over our rosters, availability and leave. Wage control used to be nigh on impossible. Now, each store has the information it needs to stay in control of costs, and that of course aids group profit," says Yusi.

All the different wage regulations in the different States are handled by one system. So staff are paid the right rates for their age and times on shift, no matter what store they work in.

Time theft is no longer a concern now finger vein scanners are used.

"I was introduced to Humanforce and realised just how much control we could wrestle back, how many errors we could prevent,and how much more efficient, accountable and accurate we could be," says Yusi.


  • Attribution of labour costs

  • Real-time reporting and forecasting

  • Biometric authentication for complete visibility

  • Payroll processing time saved and errors reduced

  • Multiple store rostering, allows for staff to ‘float’ across different stores as required