Rose of Australia


The Rose Hotel in Erskineville, Sydney, Australia is growing. Privately owned, a 3 year programme of renovation, recruitment and training has seen the hotel expand, and staff numbers expand with it.


With the 40 employees set to grow still further, the hotel's executive team has its hands full ensuring that, from restaurant to bar to running functions, every job is covered.

"On a busy day when a million and one things were going on, you’d find someone hadn’t turned up. And then you’d realise the reason they hadn’t turned up was because you hadn’t told them to,"


“Humanforce sends every member of staff an email about their roster. And when you've scheduled a clash or made the sort of mistake that would once have left you short-handed, Humanforce spots it so it doesn’t happen. It keeps everything nice and tight, reducing the potential for human error and the cost (and frequency) of communication breakdowns”

"Outsourcing payroll was costing us thousands every year," explains Allisha, "but Humanforce has helped us bring payroll in-house. We use Humanforce with Wage Easy payroll software, and now rationalising payroll with the roster is so much easier."

"Thanks to those little alerts Humanforce gives you, you can spot the anomalies so quickly. Payroll processing never takes me more than an hour now, so we're actually saving time and money on processing, even though we've more staff."

"I used to dread Mondays. I'd spend most of the day doing rosters and payroll. Timesheets were manual.Allowances were manual. We used basic spreadsheets that broke down the hotel's departments by day." says Allisha.

– Allisha Barratt, General Manager , Rose of Australia


  • Payroll Processing bought in-house, saving costs

  • Realtime Communication & Forecasting

  • Roster management & automation