Norwich City Football Club



With over 1200 employees, and 600 employees working across stewarding and catering, the Canaries recognised the need for a “system that was flexible enough to meet the needs of our multi-purpose venue.”

In May of 2018, the team at Norwich City Football Club recognised the need for centralised procedures for their casual and agency workers across the stewarding and catering departments to help them manage their workforce better.

“We were managing our staff through excel spreadsheets, every department had a different process and we were finding that there was often formatting or calculation errors that meant all sheets had to be double checked for mistakes,"


Multiple systems had been used across the club in the past, including an obsolete T&A hardware solution and paper - meaning managing staff was time consuming and did not provide an accurate picture of what was going on in their business. Reporting or forecasting was difficult, time consuming and not precise.

We were told that “Departments that are on the system have their timesheets automated, meaning that the numbers that are going to payroll are true and all the figures are correct.” as a result, payroll now takes significantly less time to complete. Humanforce has helped streamline internal processes on game day. “Event days are really, really busy. Humanforce means we’re more efficient, everyone knows where they need to be and the responsibility is now back on the employee rather than the employer.”

“Employees now have more control over their availability and leave, it’s a completely different mindset.”

Humanforce’s live attendance screen gives the team complete visibility and control to make on the go decisions and changes based on what is going on in real time.

"The catering team really benefit from the foresight and control Humanforce brings, while other departments like retail have really benefited from rostering and availability. And overall,the heads of department now have accurate visibility over their costing and forecasting,"

– Catering Director, Norwich City Football Club


  • Payroll Processing Time Saved & Errors Reduced

  • Automated Rostering to Improve Efficiency

  • Realtime Reporting & Forecasting for Visibility