Cubic Group



When you’re a multimillion-dollar construction company with major projects across the country -including Sydney’s Barangaroo and Perth’s Stadium redevelopment – manual processes just won’t cut it.

Award interpretation is time consuming and the situation is made even more complex by the number of different Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBAs) and awards in the construction industry. It used to take considerable time to ensure each worker was paid accurately.

For large construction companies such as Cubic, multiple sites with a relatively high labour turnover is the norm.


Implementing Humanforce’s electronic vein scanning kiosks gives managers complete visibility.

“There’s no limit to the number of awards you can have in there. Now we can offset each person to whatever award they’re going to be under and you can also offset an award to a project, which is helpful when we can have more than one EBA going. We attach each EBA to a specific project so if a person is working on multiple sites, they get that rate - plus the allowances associated with that project.”

"As we can now track actual labour hours we can easily see how we are tracking against budget.We can see how much labour has been spent on each project, at any point in time," says Bina Wallasvaara, Group Manager Business & Finance, Cubic Group

– Bina Wallasvaara, Group Manager Business & Finance, Cubic Group


  • Attribution of Labour Costs

  • Real-time Reporting & Forecasting

  • Biometric Authentication for complete visibility

  • Payroll processing time saved and errors reduced

  • Automated rostering to improve efficiency

  • Potential annual saving of $117,000

  • Time spend managing awards reduced by up to 80%