Accor Group



Tight margins in the hospitality industry meant Accor Hotels Australia recognised its need to improve cost control through roster costing and workload forecasting.


Humanforce provides Accor Hotels with a fully costed rostering system that delivers full labour cost visibility to help management complete “accurate rostering costing and… set up KPIs as a result. For example, we can now easily determine the cost of reception per occupied room; the cost of reception for the number of check-ins, and the cost of cleaning a room for the number of rooms cleaned,"

“The ability to capture that information took us to the next level because we could focus on forecasting."

"The biggest advantage we have is that we can get the wage report the next morning, whereas it used to be weekly. All the key indicators are all uploaded by 10am and then we can create a report that will show us the wage cost for that particular day.”

Accor Hotels can now capture and allocate the precise location of where all employees are while on site. Benjamin provides the example of an employee who “works for breakfast in the morning, then has a break, then works for lunch. We are able to allocate cost correctly according to which restaurant he worked in.”

"We can now allocate specific costs to each cost centre and we can forecast what they will actually produce in terms of revenue,so we can allocate staff accordingly."

– Benjamin Pozhuvelil, Senior Financial Controller , Accor Group


Since implementing the Humanforce roster and scheduling solution, AccorHotels reduced their room costs an average saving of $55,000 per annum per hotel. F&B operation costs were reduced with an average of $205,000 per annum per hotel. Averages were calculated from statistics provided from the previous 12 months.