Talent Insights: Skilled migration, talent availability and the EX for frontline workers


Skilled migration in Australia has returned to pre-pandemic levels. What might this mean for talent availability in 2024 and will the employee experience for frontline workers remain a priority?

Talent availability in 2024

There are some encouraging signs that the skills shortage that has plagued Australian industries like healthcare, aged care, hospitality and retail for more than a decade might finally be easing – but not disappearing. Government figures show the number of job vacancies has decreased, the number of skilled migrants entering Australia in 2023 is almost back to pre-pandemic levels, and so too are the numbers of student visa and working holiday visa holders.

Just as critically, for the second year running, job mobility is sitting at the highest level since 2012 indicating, in theory at least, that there are more people actively looking for work.  

What might this mean for the employee experience (EX)?

With this potential upsurge in available talent, what are the potential ramifications for the EX for frontline, ‘deskless’ workers? Is there a danger that with the employer/employee power balance back in favour of employers for the first time in years, the EX might now be neglected?

Will the strides made towards improving pay and conditions, prioritising health and wellbeing, and providing career opportunities and professional development be forgotten?

Our Talent Insights guide outlines what these macro trends may mean for deskless workers and what’s at stake for employers, including a potential loss of trust in leadership, high employee turnover, and a decline in engagement and productivity.

What’s covered?

Our handy guide outlines:

  • Hiring sentiment for 2024

  • Why the EX is so critical for employee attraction and retention

  • 5 tips to help strengthen the EX with the aid of smart workforce management and HR technology

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