Retaining Your Top Deskless Workers in 2023


Understanding employee turnover

employee turnover. It’s important to understand both what is driving people to leave your organisation and what motivates them to stay.

At the base level, you’ll need to uncover:

WHAT is happening with your turnover?

WHO is leaving?

WHY are they leaving?

WHERE are the trouble spots?

After obtaining that insight, you’ll be able to determine HOW you can address your turnover challenges. We cover those 5 key areas in our eBook, with a major focus on how the problem can be turned around.

5 ways to improve employee retention

You’ll discover:

  • How to ensure remuneration is competitive and equitable – and how a ‘total rewards’ strategy can ease pressure on your remuneration budget

  • Why the problem might lie with your culture – and if signs of a toxic culture exist, what you can do about it

  • How to create a workplace that people simply don’t want to leave by facilitating internal talent movements and offering career paths and professional development

  • Why flexibility means more than where work is undertaken – and how to offer flexibility to your shift-based, deskless workers

  • How to improve retention and enhance the employee experience by providing the right technology tools, including workforce management tools for your managers and HR team

In most cases, turnover is both predictable and preventable. To find out more, complete the form to download the eBook.