Women in Tech Spotlight – Kim Damon

Humanforce is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Check out this series of interviews with Women in Tech across Humanforce’s multi-faceted careers to gain a refreshing view of what it means to be a Woman in Tech today.

With over 20 years of experience in the Human Capital software space, Kim Damon, the General Manager of Humanforce Victoria and business growth manager for Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, is an integral feature of Humanforce’s expansive business growth and close client relationships. Four years into her career at Humanforce, Kim enjoys watching how her efforts in the tech-world improve her client’s working experience, be that in human resources, payroll, or companywide. She keeps balanced, focused and motivated through her hobbies of spending time with her husband and friends, cuddling her cat Gu, exercising and home renovations!

What motivates your career in the tech field?

This career challenges me to constantly learn, it’s fast-paced and touches all areas of business. Humanforce has motivated me to continue study, with a global EMBA which will focus on digital transformation and how it reshapes every aspect of the organisation. Technology driven, this EMBA will add further diversity into my world with other students from different backgrounds, businesses and countries. It will provide insights into how we can further achieve benefits to our Humanforce customers.

With your extensive experience, what do you think Humanforce’s value of diversity can bring to other companies?

Organisations like Humanforce that respect and value the diversity brought by women like myself are able to attract and retain high performing Women in Tech, and improve operational performances. Equal access and enjoyment of rewards, resources and opportunities is integral to a forward-facing tech company, and the business industry in general. Strong supported Diversity offers a safe environment to share achievements and mistakes, and allows for both positive and constructive feedback from management and peers.

Apart from your mentors within the business, are there any women who inspire your approach to your career, and life in general?

One woman who inspires me today is Lyn White, the Director of Strategy for Animals Australia. Lyn is at the forefront of animal advocacy in Australia, and is recognised worldwide for her commitment to fight for those which cannot fight for themselves. Lyn continues to push no matter how hard or long the battle might be, and was honoured as a Member of the Order of Australia and is a two-time state finalist for Australian of the Year. Her story inspires me through her strength and leadership – her voice and message shared via social media and technology!

Early on I was lucky to have two business mentors, one of which was female, who taught me to stay true to myself in business life, and to hold on to our female strengths at times when we are trying to fit into a traditionally male environment. This learning has stayed with me throughout different companies by staying true to my interest in sharing new ideas and innovation.

With a nod to these women and your own experience, what advice would you give to other Women in Tech?

Think long term. Take your time to plan the steps needed to advance you to where you want to end up. It’s also important to surround yourself with people you admire and want to learn from, and ensure diversity plays a part. Don’t just look for people (gender, age, race etc) who are like yourself. Promote diversity into your workforce and then ensure there are regular events to get the teams together outside the office to share and understand our differences.