Women in Tech Spotlight – Jane Johnson

We sat down with Humanforce’s Jane Johnson, to get her thoughts on what it means to be a Woman in Tech today.

Jane Johnson, Delivery Team Manager for Victoria, brings vitality and experience to her role here at Humanforce. Her experience in the health industry as project consultant and manager adds another sphere of knowledge to her role as a Woman in Tech, helping Humanforce to understand diverse needs across industries. Jane is motivated by the promise of contributing valuable advice, guidance and management to her clients and team. Throughout the bustle of her management role, Jane stays grounded through her yoga and pilates, as well as a good glass of wine every here and there!

How did you find your way into tech?

I began my career in the health industry as a project coordinator and quickly realised that I really enjoy the project space. Being involved in numerous different projects designed to bring efficiencies to staff and management became a passion of mine. I followed this interest to the Royal District Nursing Service, where I spent some time developing my skills as a project manager. Four years ago I began work at Humanforce with the rollout of Epworth, my first of several large scale projects.

What motivated you to make the change from health to tech?

I was interested in the changing and diverse nature of technology. Having worked in health rolling out projects such as hand held devices to health staff while managing patients, I could clearly see the positive impact that technology could make on individuals’ lives and companies’ efficiency. It was a big change, moving from client to vendor, but my knowledge as a client helps me to understand how delivery should proceed, and how to anticipate the client’s needs and reactions.

Given the industry shift in your own career path, what advice would you give to women starting their careers, or thinking about making the shift to tech?

Pick an area of work which you are genuinely interested in and care for, and follow this through to find your motivation and develop your skills. Be proactive in understanding your interests and be flexible in making career changes if you feel passionate about it. Finally, listen to those around you with more experience – but remember to make your own decision!

Did you find yourself lucky enough to be surrounded by influential mentors throughout your career?

Yes, I’ve been lucky to have many mentors throughout my career in the health, and now tech, industries. I am constantly learning from others and I strongly feel that this is very important for everyone in the company to do. New perspectives from diverse voices is a real aid to companies and can enhance business growth and harmony, like in Humanforce.

What do you think other businesses can learn from the diversity in Humanforce?

One of the most important pieces of advice that I could give is to include all voices in decisions, as to ensure that decisions reflect a diverse and open perspective. This kind of engagement is important in fostering a sense of welcome, belonging and equal opportunity within any company.