Our professional services team have over 120 years of project management experience between them and have implemented the TimeTarget solution across a wide range of client organisations and industries.

We can help you work better at any level of your business by

Supporting appropriate governance structures.

Working within large and complex business environments.

Providing and Setting up Time Capture and Payroll business processes, including award interpretation, rostering, leave management, and the complex business rules involved.

Designing and developing Information Technology with integration, testing of complex business rules, and deployment.

Train the Trainer

Train your own managers for a time and cost saving implementation.

Design the training you want for your business to work better with a Train the Trainer in-house approach

Train the Trainer program

Use your own managers to take the new processes and training of TimeTarget to your entire organisation to save time and costs with implementation, and have in-house know-how. For up to 5 designated people per session, Train the Trainer is delivered onsite in your business.

Standard documentation is made available for you to modify to suit your own operating procedures and document how you want the system to be used in your business to support any existing and new processes.

Create your own training materials and sign off processes from the documents provided so all future employees have an induction and on boarding process with a consistent training program to work better from the beginning.

Your nominated in-house TimeTarget Champion learns the system to an admin level, will prepare documentation and can manage the operational decisions for system configuration so it's tailored to meet your business objectives.

Create your own training materials and team to make implementation and inductions match your business processes exactly.

Project Management

Professional, experienced Project Managers will work with your business

We'll get to know your business in detail so we can make your project work better

Project Management

Project scope, quality, effort, risk and time are all part of our focus on your business working better

As a team we are highly mobile and work on site across UK, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

Paramount to our Project Management philosophy is a thorough understanding of your business case. Questions like: why was the project initiated and what are the value drivers of this project - are central to our understanding and management of the process. All of our project management tools are focused on key project benefits and outcomes, and monitor and control project scope, quality, effort, risk and time.

Familiar with all Project Management methodologies including PRINCE2, PMBOK, RAD and Agile, our professional services consultants use these methodologies where they add value to a product development approach or to your project and business case.


Online tutorials and information for easy learning

The E-learning portal has classes, videos, and examples to train you on getting the best from the system you have


The E-Learning portal contains all the online tutorials you need for quick answers or refresher training. The tutorials contain a mix of videos and interactive simulations that enable you to practice the skills required to use the TimeTarget system effectively.

Hosted online you can access information easily whenever you need it and review and repeat topics as many times as you want to. Always available from the dedicated Support Portal you get instant access to a wide range of support documents covering all aspects of the TimeTarget solution.

Review and repeat topics any time you need to, for anyone, anywhere who needs to work better

Let us help change the way your business works