TimeTarget officially opens for business in London

With the obvious time difference meaning late shifts for the teams in Australia and New Zealand it made business sense to open a London office to work with our UK and European clients. This also means we’re strongly positioned here in the market to make connections and grow our business too.

We decided Hammersmith, London was the ideal location for the UK offices as it’s as quick to reach the centre of the city, as it is to board a plane at Heathrow to fly across Europe. There is an implementation, support and management team now working directly from our new London base so they’re always available during European business hours.

We’re working with both existing clients and businesses new to TimeTarget in the UK. And because the systems in TimeTarget are already set up to handle any pay or awards requirements internationally we’ve not had to develop any new software to work here, although some of the team over from Australia and New Zealand have had to spend their lunch breaks figuring out the best sandwiches to buy from M&S.   Wayne Doran - who has been part of the TimeTarget management team for over 10 years - is heading up the London office as UK GM, and he’s got some serious expansion plans in mind:

“So far in the UK we’re working with 2 ‘big name’ high street retailers, city councils and childcare operators who have all rolled out TimeTarget in the past 6 months. We’re finding the UK a great place to do business and having the London office so well positioned also means it’s easy for us to attract excellent local team members so we can support our growth in the UK and Europe. It’s been so good to see how easy it is to transfer the same system across countries and not have to change how we work, as it’s the same process wherever we are. All I needed to work out when we set up in London was where to get a good coffee!”

Contact Wayne and the UK office on 0800 014 8841 or send us a message here.