Our talented implementation team know how to get you working better, faster. With deep industry knowledge and project management backgrounds, we ensure your implementation happens on time and on budget, every time.


Cloud Deployment

This is our self-service online implementation option, designed for when you want to get up and running fast while keeping costs low. This streamlined option, uses predefined settings and online, cloud based training to get you working quickly. The system can be installed on either our web servers (costs apply), or your own, if you have a hosted platform already available.

Rapid Deployment

This is the ideal implementation method for small to medium organisations, who want a fast and cost-effective deployment, we help you manage the project so that you get the results you want quickly. This is a fast-paced model that builds on a predefined configuration for your industry, and access to our proven Train-the-Trainer program. After the initial implementation, additional services and features you need can be managed as a subsequent phase of the project to ensure you continue to get the best from your system, as your business grows.

Enterprise Deployment

For larger and more complex solutions, or when your project needs change management, we recommend our 5-phase Enterprise Deployment, customised to your needs. Designed to handle a wide range of business process changes and employee change management, an Enterprise Deployment is used to deliver governance, risk management and change management services to ensure a successful project on a larger scale.

Technology Platforms requirements

The Humanforce solution has 3 main components:
  • Application server for hosting Humanforce Back-Office
  • SQL server for the database
  • Web server for hosting Humanforce online
All 3 components can be installed on the same server or separate servers, and the servers can be physical or virtual. Your server specifications would depend on your total number of users and concurrent users. Humanforce is developed for the Microsoft Windows platform with a SQL server backend. Depending on your existing technology and budget, it can be implemented online as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model (accessed via internet browsers), hosted by us or hosted by you. Host the system physically or virtually to suit your users, business and budget.

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