Maintain compliance

Set up alerts to remind you when updated visa, qualifications and certificates are needed, while rules prevent unpermitted rosters.

Accurate timesheets mean accurate employee and payroll data, across every country, cost centre, contract or employment agreement every time with our leading awards engine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our industry has complex awards and compliance needs – can you help?
We can! We’ve worked with customers who have some of the most complex award requirements and compliance needs in the world. Our system is a powerhouse, and is highly configurable to suit most award or complaince requirements.

We struggle to manage registrations expiring – is this something you can help with?
Yes – we know it happens, people forget to renew or submit their latest licences or registrations. With Humanforce, you can protect sensitive information while ensuring everyone’s details are up to date for every shift. Say I need to have my vaccinations up to date to work as an excursion coordinator at an Aged Care centre – I submit my certificate from my GP to the HR team, who then save the details in Humanforce. My manager can’t see my certificate, but can see I’m covered until a set date. If I ignore configured reminders to get my vaccinations topped up, and the certificate expires without being updated, then my manager can’t roster me, and I won’t be able to clock on if I do show up to work.