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  • Automatically survey staff requirements, project cost and occupancy rates
  • Efficiently manage employee work preferences and availability
  • Create leave rules to ensure you're never short staffed

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Humanforce has the ability to show and run data, provide reports to external agencies, including during times of near miss outbreaks and otherwise – technology has been always very important, and COVID has brought it into an even sharper focus.


Questions about Auto Scheduling

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1. How much time will Humanforce's workforce management solution system save me?

Let’s look at an example of how the Time & Attendance feature in Humanforce’s workforce management suite saves you time. Say you have a team of 25, each working 3 shifts a week. In this case, your manager has 75 timesheets to approve each week. Imagine that each timesheets takes 2 minutes to check, on average, and that the manager spends 20 minutes following up on missing timesheets, errors, sick days, or other discrepancies. Using Humanforce’s automation, clocking, and authorisation by exception features eliminates the need to manually review correct timesheets. All that’s left is the 20 minutes needed to resolve unexpected issues - a savings of 2 ½ hours of admin time each week.

2. What does Employee Rostering Software allow?

3. What is the best Scheduling Software?


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Humanforce integrates with a number of HCM, payroll processors, POS systems, and industry management providers to bring you an end-to-end solution.

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