Industry in Focus: Aged Care in New Zealand


Our ‘Industry in Focus’ series reviews the current and future people-related challenges facing key industries and the role that technology will play in resolving those challenges. In this edition, we review an industry that has been through more disruption than most over the past three years: aged care.

New Zealand’s ageing population

As New Zealand’s population ages, demand for appropriate care escalates. Government data suggests that 23% of the New Zealand population will be aged 65 and over by 2036 – an increase of 9% from 2013.

Those projections present significant operational and talent-related challenges for residential aged care operators. For example, demand for workers is expected to increase by between 50% and 75% (FTEs) by 2026.[1] Talent shortages are particularly acute for registered nurses (RNs).

With many experienced professionals also leaving the aged care sector following a traumatic few years, both talent recruitment and retention will remain key priorities for many employers.

How technology can help aged care providers

Our Industry in Focus fact sheet outlines not just the key people-related challenges facing aged care providers but also some possible solutions. While workforce management technology cannot fix systemic issues like labour shortages, it can help to optimise existing talent and reduce the administrative burden on overworked and overstretched managers and HR teams.

Workforce management technology can also provide valuable data insights and improve overall compliance by ensuring every resident receives the care they require.

In addition, the right tech tools can improve the overall employee experience by providing greater autonomy and choice around hours worked, and can enhance communication between employees and their employer. Happier, healthier and more engaged employees can lead to better customer experiences.

The end result is smarter, more cost-effective workforce management – and that’s a win-win outcome for providers as well as the New Zealanders under their care.

For further insights and tips on how to navigate through the challenges facing the aged care sector in New Zealand, complete the form to download our fact sheet.

[1] Aged Residential Care Service Review, Grant Thornton, 2010