From our experience we have developed implementation methodologies on time and on budget, every time.

When you need to work better, faster, get mapped out implementation that's ready to go

Cloud Deployment

Ideal for small to medium businesses – self-service online implementation.

When you need to work better right now, get everything you need to get set up online – saving time and money on training

Cloud Deployment – Online Service, Implementation and Training

Ideal for small to medium businesses – self-service online implementation.

Using the Cloud to work better extends to your implementation and training too.

To streamline your implementation use the predefined settings we know people led businesses use the most – then make any minor changes to make the configuration specific to your business. This online process gets you up and running fast, and keeps costs low (with no onsite training).

While every business is different, when it comes to configuring workforce management systems we know there are some things every business has in common. This has allowed us to create online cloud based training and implementation that helps all businesses work better when it comes to workforce management. All set up and training takes places online so you get to work better, faster.

The system can be installed on either our web servers (charges apply) or your own, if you have a hosted platform already available.

Rapid Deployment

Ideal for small to medium businesses – includes some project management.

With industry set configuration already set up, you can use your new system quickly with help from our project management team

Rapid Deployment - RDM

Rapid Deployment Method – Ideal for Small to Medium Businesses who would like some assistance.

For fast paced implementation, with predefined configuration for your industry delivered alongside outline Project Management, we recommend Rapid Deployment. Your team roll out the implementation with some project management help from our team, combined with our Train the Trainer program. So you get a fast and cost effective implementation project to help you work better, faster.

After the initial implementation, additional services and features you need can be then be managed as a subsequent phase of the project to ensure you continue to get the best from your system as your business grows.

We know that the RDM approach works best when you focus resources and set up clear communication channels in your organisation for the project, so that the new processes are adopted easily. Let us help you manage the project, so you get the fast results you want.

Enterprise Deployment

Ideal for larger or more complex people-led businesses.

When your project needs change management and buy-in to be successful on a larger more complex scale

An implementation project for an Enterprise deployment includes 5 (often overlapping) phases:

Phase 1 : Pre Implementation
  • • Project planning and initiation
  • • Requirements gathering and business blueprint
  • • Data collection, e.g. employee details, awards, rosters

Ideal for a larger or more complex people-led business.

If your implementation project includes a wide range of business process changes and employee change management buy-in to ensure everyone understands the benefits (so the risk to the business is reduced), Enterprise deployment is recommended. An EDM project is used to deliver governance, risk management and change management services to ensure a successful project on a larger more complex scale.

Phase 2 : Implementation
  • • Solution design and build – specific to your organisation
  • • Roster configuration, e.g. location/department/role structure
  • • Award configuration and testing
Phase 3 : Training
  • • Training planning and preparation – determining what's needed
  • • Training delivery
  • • Reviewing Training to address any questions remaining
Phase 4: Deployment
  • • Installation and testing in your environment
  • • Complete Payroll integration
  • • Client testing, e.g. parallel runs, UAT
Phase 5: Go Live
  • • System readiness and final handover preparations
  • • Project review and Acceptance
  • • Transition to support at Go Live


All the technical specifications and details for implementation. Microsoft Windows based with a SQL database – use online as a service or host the system yourself

Technology Platforms

The TimeTarget solution has 3 main components:

• Application server for hosting TimeTarget

• SQL server for the database

• Web server for hosting TimeTarget online

All 3 components can be installed on the same server or separate servers, and the servers can be physical or virtual.

Your server specifications would depend on your total number of users and concurrent users.

TimeTarget is developed for the Microsoft Windows platform with a SQL server backend. Depending on your existing technology and budget, it can be implemented online as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model (accessed via internet browsers), hosted by us or hosted by you.

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