Hidden WFM Costs

Workforce Management. If you’ve heard the term before, you’re conjuring up images of paper rosters stuck on notice boards, excel spreadsheet timesheets, and hours spent by payroll teams calculating awards.

Times have changed, technology has advanced and the way people work has evolved. Technology is enabling more informed decision making, automating almost all manual processes, and facilitating more agile and on the go workforces. Today, Workforce Management is about empowering employees and businesses to maximise value. Value isn’t just about efficiency though, it’s about creating an engaged and inspired work environment.

When we implement Humanforce, we look at your business holistically and build a solution that is designed specifically to optimise Workforce Management to reach each businesses commercial objectives and motivate employees.

When businesses are trying to grow and scale, we commonly see rapid growth in employee headcount to cope with expansion – it’s from this point that often Workforce Management is overlooked, creating hidden costs across a business that are difficult to identify and time consuming to resolve.


Managing preferred shifts, staff availability and hour requirements is a time intensive and often error prone process. Communicating rosters to staff is often inconvenient, and poor rostering can be expensive if your staff are working overtime. Modern Workforce Management automates roster building, reducing time, cost, error risk and stress associated with manual processes. Humanforce manages all your staff availability or shift requests, industry compliance based on forecasts, and keeps costs under control.

Timesheet completion

Manual timesheet entries – an outdated honesty system. An additional 15 minutes here and there can add up to thousands on your wage bill, and is more common place than you think. Integrated time capture systems, like Finger Vein Scanners, Facial Recognition Technology or Beacon Clocks offer more than just eliminating the chance time theft. Manage security, communicate important information through kiosks and attribute cost centres with pinpoint accuracy.

Time interpretation

Interpreting time into pay can be complex. Awards, pay rules and agreements, break times, allowances, meals and other conditions make translating time worked into how much someone needs to be paid is risky. Penalties for paying staff incorrectly can be costly both financially and to a company’s reputation. Automatic time interpretation means people get paid faster, compliance risks are reduced and visibility is improved across a business.

Shift management

In a perfect world, everyone would turn up for every shift rostered – but life happens, people get sick, go on holidays or just need to swap a shift every now and again. Workforce management removes the stress, time and reduces to cost of managing shifts.

Shift offering and bidding is an automated solution that will identify no-shows or those on leave, and contact other staff on their mobile device, who are qualified and available to take the shift. When your staff are unavailable, casual pools can be set up to ensure that every shift is always covered.

Integration into payroll

No one loves data entry. It’s time consuming, error prone and expensive. Once time interpretation has been completed, it can be automatically integrated directly into your payroll system – reducing days of payroll processing each pay cycle, down to just a few hours.

Business visibility

Workforce management gives managers a huge visibility boost. With a modern system, you can understand how and where your people costs originate. Plug in other data such as actual sales to see ROI on employee hours per cost centre or department, or identify and address costly issues like job dissatisfaction earlier.

Backed by 16 years’ experience across diverse industries and markets, we know how to help our clients manage their entire workforce, delivering unforgettable customer experiences, every time.

From biometric scanning and paperless on-boarding through to automated rostering and staff attendance, Humanforce cuts administration time and costs, ensuring the right people are in the right place, at the right time. While our tablet and mobile solutions allow you to interact with your staff in real time.

Designed to streamline and automate organisational operations while providing greater visibility for management by consolidating requirements into a single user-friendly interface, contact us to see how Humanforce can change the way your business works.

Article written with Melissa Klemke